The latest election has the HBR Association taken over by absolute Madness as any HOPE or PLAN to recover the millions of dollars in illegally diverted condo maintenance fees FLY OUT THE WINDOW with the election of the New Board of Directors and the new President who is the Defendant in the lawsuit by the Association to recover millions in illegally diverted condo fees to pay rent and other expenses to operate a rental Program created by the former Board President (Michel Jekic) who is now the current Board President and who appears to be both the DEFENDANT and the PLAINTIVE in the Lawsuit that he will most likely settle with himself and the Mall to end any liability unless of course criminal charges are sought if and when a RECEIVER gets appointed by the Court to protect the financial interest of the other 380 Condo Owners in the Association along with the Timeshare Association with over 1,700 Timeshare ownership weeks that have all but been destroyed by the actions of the same group of individuals who have their own Agenda that has nothing to do with their fiduciary duty to the Condo & Timeshare Association as its officers.   

SG RESORTS has a Plan and it includes moving out of the building to the front of the property and taking over the first floor of the building everyone must pass to enter the HBR Property.  The Plan includes solving several problems for those condo owners who are on the SG RESORTS RENTAL PROGRAM and who have suffered huge financial losses in rental revenue due to several factors related directly and indirectly to the condition of the property and the lack of property maintenance and management of the property, not to mention the fact that the Hotel has been turned into an illegal college dorm by one owner who totally ignores the rules and regulations of the Association combined with Management that does nothing to stop this open violation of occupancy and zoning restrictions associated with the HBR Property. 

This page will contain various BLOG POSTS by Richard J. Schecher, Sr in an effort to outline his HBR PLAN to save our historic building and make it the second most desired Hollywood Broadwalk Hotel on Hollywood Beach.


- Recover illegally diverted maintenance fees

- End the illegal 41% Rebate to Mall Owners

- Negotiate New Pool Easement with First Floor Owner

- Save the Timeshare Association \Generate Millions 

- Repair All Life Safety Issues at Building 

- Replace Elevators & AC Cooling Towers

- Create Positive Guest Experience for Property 

- Unite All Owners for easy unit rentals 

- Enforce Condo Declarations & City Ordinances  

- Stagger Board Seats\ Terms of Office for better efficiency 

- Address the Parking Issues & Overcharging 

- Replace Building Telephone System

It is Schecher’s belief that Leadership must change for any positive changes to take place at the Hollywood Beach Hotel Owners Association as maintenance fees have been illegally diverted by past Board Members while Building Reserve Assounts have been drained by past Board Members and the Association Books were “Cooked” to mask the illegal diversion of condo fees to pay a $7.5 Million Dollar Lease created by the HBR Board President (Jekic) with the First Floor Mall Owner at the expense of every owner and future owner at the HBR. 

Schecher’s Plan includes new life for the Timeshare Association with a Program to generate as much as $20 Million Dollars for the benefit of the Association thru the sale of HBR Timeshare Weeks along with a new HBR Travel & Vacation Club offering members rooms or weeks at the HBR as well as 5,000 other Timeshare Resorts Worldwide in over 100 Countries.

Schecher’s Plan includes fixing everything at the property that would cause a paying guest to complain and this starts with new elevators, new AC Cooling Towers and a second chiller.  It includes basic housekeeping tasks such a cleaning the hallways on a regular schedule and making certain that the trash is emptied and the rodent and bug problems are addressed by qualified extermination companies.  

Schecher’s Plan includes saving the HBR and making it into a historic building similar to the Breakers in Palm Beach where the HBR will become the second most desirable Hotel on the Hollywood Broadwalk accepting all the overflow from Margaritaville and guests who can’t afford the rates at Margaritaville but can afford the HBR Target ADR of $150 per night compared to the $50 per night that exists today.