Schecher, Sr - "The Candidate"

My name is Richard J. Schecher, Sr and I am running for the 2018 Board of Directors along with my son (Richard J. Schecher, Jr).  We will be seeking other owners to join us on the 7 seat Board of Directors and we will be publishing a Platform and a Plan along with our PLEDGE to execute our PLAN for the benefit of all owners at the Hollywood Beach Hotel Owners Association. 

Our PLAN will address many critical issues at the HBR including but not limited to: (1) recovering the millions illegally diverted from our maintenance fees (2) ending and recovering the illegal 41% Rebate paid to the mall owners (3) Negotiating a new legal Easement Agreement with the First Floor Mall Owner (4) Addressing the parking problems and issues (5) Creating revenue streams for the Association (6) Fixing the Timeshare Problems by creating a program to generate as much as $20 Million in revenue for the Timeshare Association (7) Addressing the building issues and replacing the elevators, AC Cooling towers, and improving the guest experience at the HBR.  If elected, I will make the HBR a better investment for all owners both commercial and residential unit owners and I will make the Hotel Operation a success for all owners to share in rental revenues that are second to none as our property becomes the overflow property for Margaritaville 

      Owners without a clue about the reality of ownership at the HBR - Now that’s the real problem we need to overcome 


    Past Condo President of 15+ years speaks out regarding the horrific conditions that exist today 9 years after he resigned