HBR- Happening Now

THE'RE HERE and the future of the Hotel Rental Operations becomes more questionable and challenging  as the college  students arrive to fill the hotel rooms owned by Andrew Fisher which have been converted to DORM ROOMS housing anywhere from 2 to 4 students according to the College Coordinator.  How many Resort Hotels in Florida also house a student dormitory?  How may paying guests are willing to pay High Season Rates at an Oceanfront Resort that doubles as a College Dorm?  The history of the HBR once had a Bible College with Dorm Rooms but that was long ago.  Today, it appears that Andrew Fisher’s latest venture is to convert the HBR into a college dorm filled with students ranging from 19 to their early 20s.  But, don’t worry, because the School provides its own 24/7 Security for the students.  The quesiton becomes who does this new unauthorized security company protect?  Do they protect paying guests from students or do they protect students from the paying guests.  Just another pathetic example of events allowed to flurish at the HBR working against the “majority” for the benefit of the “few” with their own self-serving agenda which works against the best interest of the Hollywood Beach Hotel Owners Association and every condo and timeshare owner in the Association. 

The Fisher family or more accurate Andrew Fisher has elected to remove his 25+ units from the building's hotel program while his Step Mother (Lana) resigned from the Board to avoid any criticism or blow back from Andrew’s latest move to create a new STUDENT DORM ENVIRONMENT at the Hollywood Beach Resort.  It looks like- according to Andrew’s latest PLAN- students will be living at the HBR renting directly from Andrew Fisher who is also the owner of the Second Floor Mall. 

In the past the student guests on the property created huge challenges for management and the Hotel Operator and they are now going to be living full time in our building and it may be more than the hotel operation and management can tolerate as conditions continue to decline along with the “POSITIVE GUEST EXPERIENCE” which is now almost nonexistent at the Hollywood Beach Resort as illustrated by the TripAdvisor postings.  God only knows what having 50+ students living full time at the HBR will do for our already horrific reviews and problems at the HBR. 

As the  Mall Owner Andrew Fisher has promised a lot but delivered next to nothing as he has placed locks on the second floor bathroom doors and refused to even provide cleaning or toilet paper for the bathrooms which up until recently were cleaned courtesy of SG Resorts.  In addition, Fisher has refused to repair or replace the broken air-conditioning units on his second floor as the smells of musty mold appears to be taking over the entire second floor common areas where SG Resorts replaced over 51 burnt out lightbulbs at their own expense in an effort to create a better guest experience while entering the SG Resorts Registration & Guest Lobby Area now located on the Second Floor.  

The question becomes will the City of Hollywood Beach allow Fisher to rent his hotel rooms to unrelated parties.  Most owners with 50 rooms rent to 50 related parties.  Andrew Fisher will be renting to students and will have 50 unrelated individuals living in 25 rooms while most every hotel in America does not allow unrelated parties to rent a room.  This would be more of a Hostel Operation than a hotel operation.  What is the City Zoning & Code Enforcement going to say or do about this latest Fisher Development at the HBR ?  Progress or more self-serving interest trumping the interest of the Association. 

CARS BOOTED - Guests often take longer than 30 minutes to register and hopefully this problem will be solved as the SG Front Desk is now only for the registration of Hotel Guests including the Hotel Guests of Design Suites.  Hopefully this will reduce the registration lines and time for arriving guests to register and avoid having their car booted by the Garage Owner. 

SG Resorts is no longer providing Front Desk Services to owners who are not on the Hotel Program.  All Owners and Guests of Owners must contact the Condo Office to register their guests and secure the keys if the owner has not already provided their renters with their own key.   The Second Floor Hotel Lobby & Registration area are for the exclusive use of SG Resorts Guests and for the registration of Design Suites Guests Only.  Owners must secure their registration and key services from the Condo Office just like in the past. 

AFTER HOURS LOCK OUT SERVICE- All guests can request Lock Out Services from the SG Front Desk or call an off premises lock smith in the event they are locked out of their rooms for any reason after the Condo Office has officially closed and there are not condo maintenance people on property. The cost of this service, with proper ID is $25 from SG Resorts and it is estimated to be $125 from off premises lock companies or locksmith. 

OWNER RENTAL CHECKS - Owner rental checks are late and this is nothing new as owners will be caught up once High Season arrives just like over the past 35 years where no owner has gone unpaid.  The problem is CASH FLOW or the lack of cash as the property conditions are at the worst in over 50 years making it almost impossible to rent or get a good rent for the units on the hotel program.  The Hotel Operator (SG RESORTS) needs to pay employees and rent first otherwise the doors will close and owners will have no ability to recapture the late rents in High Season.  SG RESORTS thanks all Owners for their understanding and patience as this has happened in the past but the conditions of the building have never been this horrific as they exist today.