This BLOG has been updated and all or most of the past postings have been removed because the problems of the past are not the same as the issues that exist today.  We believe that all the bad things that were happening over the past 5 years belongs in the past and talking about them benefits nobody.  The focus is on the future and what the HBR should or will become rather than on the problems that prevented our property from moving forward into the future where every owner enjoys higher property values, increased rental rates, increased hotel occupancy, and a new management company with the pledge to make the HBR one of the best condo resorts in South Florida. 


TROUBLE IN PARADISE - The Revolt at the HBR 

Message from Schecher, Sr - a concerned unit owner


HBR Owners have now taken the gloves off and the battle to the people where all condo and timeshare owners are now being asked to VOTE the DO NOTHING-SAY NOTHING Board Members out of office for their absolute GROSS NEGLIGENCES supported by their total lack of communication.

From all indications it appears that the new Open & Honest Board Members deserve no consideration for what they have been doing, or in reality NOT doing as days pass and they do nothing and say even less about voiding the mall lease, stopping and recovering the garage overcharges, purchasing a second chiller, paying the contractor who walked off the job to complete the 40 yr certificaiton, driving the Associatin Engineer hired to protect the Association and complete the 40 yr certification away, driving the Associaiton litigators to quit, playing attorney ping pong costing tens of thousands in additional legal fees, while all the time doing nothing to help the 400 owners in our Associaiton while attempting to negotiate a deal with the mall to make an illegally approved lease legal and further hurt the individual condo owners who were guaranteed in writing a space by the same mall owner who they are negotiationg with.  Remember the RIDE THE WAVE letter sent to all owners by Oceanwalk Mall that guaranteed us a front desk forever. 

It is now time for HBR Owners to stand up for themselves and REVOLT.  It is time for HBR Owners to go on the attack and remove their DO NOTHING-SAY NOTHING LEADERS from office. 

It is now time for HBR Owners to show no “mercy” or “forgiveness” for the gross negligence and total defiance of Ward, Facundo, Rod, George, and Mason as they do what they want regardless of the condo rules and regulations and regardless of their fiduciary duty to protect all owners and not just their privileged few. 

It is time for HBR Owners to bring the battle to them (Ward, Facundo, Rod, George, and Mason) as they chose to work against the best interest of 400 HBR Owners to benefit themselves or those who got them elected.  They choose to benefit the few at the cost of the many. 

It is time for the HBR Owners to follow the leader of this RECALL which is a revolution to get back our Association and the control of not only our bank accounts, check book, and spending, but our future before we have no future to fight for if Ward & Facundo get the building closed because of  their inability to do anything responsible. 

It is time for HBR Owners to realize that these people are not only inexperienced, stupid, and incapable of administering  our Association but they are down right dangerous and the majority of owners will be paying for their ignorance and inability to preform for a very long time unless this RECALL is done and they are removed from office. 

HBR Owners are now fighting to get back their bank accounts, get back their illegally diverted condo fees, void the illegal mall lease, recover and stop the garage overcharges, and most important regain control of our Association and remove those who do nothing and say nothing from POWER because it has gone to their head. 

It is time for HBR Owners to remember that Facundo, our Vice President, has special rental contract deals with Mason and Rod and if Ward has not cashed Facundo’s check or demand payments like he does from the legally authorized  Association’s Hotel Program there is something special happening there also.  Nothing Ward, Facundo, Rod, George, and Mason have done, are doing, or will do will help them out of the hole they dug themselves into and it is now time for the HBR Owners to bury them in it.  After all they dug it now stay in it while the HBR Owners regain control of the HBR once and for all. 

Hey, but what do I know?  I’m only a member of the KW Peanut Gallery and the guy Ward, Facundo, George, Mason and Rod consider to be the guy stealing or hacking “State Secrets” and ranting about what is actually taking place at the HBR.  It would appear that our Open & Honest Board does not realize the walls have ears at the HBR and those ears have been there for almost 30 years, all hearing always listening. 

I guess anyone outside the Peanut Gallery believes that the “TRUTH” is now considered a “RANT”.  Funny how the Open & Honest Board were the biggest “ranters” in our Association until they got elected. 

What the future of the HBR looks like when cooperation becomes the name of the game and everyone works together?

The Association’s New Exclusive Hotel Operator is working for every condo & timeshare owner at the HBR Resort. 

Filling the Association Bank Accounts Vs Draining the Association Bank Accounts

True Partnership in Progress

Looking from the South along the ICW you will see the Grand Floridian Hotel 

Approaching from the North you will see the Grand Floridian Hotel and its magnificent North Tower 

Working together for the future of the HBR is the future of the HBR.  Owners united under one Hotel Rental Program working together as we move forward into the future where the past problems of the HBR will only be a footnote for the new Hollywood Beach Resort.

Richard J. Schecher, Sr ( Former HBR Board President of 15 years) has been working to unite all owners and all interested parties to paint a fantastic picture for the future of the HBR.  It is time for the negative critics and those who prefer to do battle with their fellow owners to unite and get behind the MOVEMENT at the HBR that will make the renderings above into a reality.  Millions are being spent to develop the plan and millions more will be spent to make the plan into a reality.  It is time to get on the bus that Schecher is driving before the bus leaves the bus stop and all your individual hopes and dreams remain in the past because this is what the future of the HBR can look like when everyone works together. 

OWNERS CAN RENT THEIR OWN UNITS - they just need to comply with the HBR Condo Documents as well as the rules and regulations established to protect all owners.   If you wish to rent your own room rather than to join the Association’s Hotel Program, the rules are simple to follow and in reality not that difficult to abide by.  The three most important items that must be provided to the Hotel Operator and the HBHOA are: (1) Proof of insurance (2) A Florida Department of Revenue Tax Certificate (3) The guest pre-registration form.  Each of the three items are nothing out of the ordinary and are required by Associations and Businesses in the state of Florida.  Nothing is unique to the HBR and everything required makes each owner in full compliance with all State and local laws and at the end of the day offers a form of protection for both the individual condo owner, the HBR Associations, and the exclusive Hotel Operator designated by the HBHOA and the HBRCA.

Now what are and why are each of the above required?  Lets make an attempt to explain each.

First, the Proof of Insurance which comes in the form of a Certificate of Insurance issued by your insurance company.  The Insurance required is commercial general liability insurance, similar to any other business operation which protects you, the business owner or operator, from liability exposures from doing business with the general public. If you provided cleaning services, you will also need workers compensation insurance.  To obtain a certificate of insurance which must name the HBHOA, the HBRCA, and the Hotel Operator as an additional insured you simply call your insurance agent and request a Certificate of Insurance be issued to the respective parties naming each as an “Additional Insured” under your policy.  This is a standard practice in business and insurance agents issue certificates on a regular basis. 

Next, The Florida Department of Revenue Reseller Tax Certificate - this is required for a number of very specific reasons.  Most important to understand is that Florida Law requires you to collect and pay tax on all transient vacation rentals.  In order for you to collect and pay the required tax, you must have a tax ID which is issued from the Florida Department of Revenue.  This is the law and it is not that difficult to comply with the law because you can register and obtain your tax certificate online and directly from the Florida Department of Revenue.

Why must you show proof and issue a tax certificate  to the Hotel Operator at the HBR Resort?  The answer is simple and can be best illustrated by the following example:  When the Hotel is audited by the Florida Department of Revenue they will discover a block of rooms (Owner Rentals) that were rented and taxes were NOT collected or paid by the Hotel Operator.  The tax auditor will demand to see the tax certificates corresponding to this block of rentals and in the absence of the required tax certificate, the Hotel Operator would end up paying not only the taxes but the incurred fines associated with the Hotel Operators failure to collect, report, and pay the required Florida Sales & Resort taxes.  This is the reason, you must provide a tax certificate for your rentals.

Finally, the pre-registration form for all guests - this form must be provided to the hotel operator at least 48 hours prior to your guest’s arrival and registration at the Hotel’s Front Desk.  This form provides the information required on all guests who will be in residence in the building and will also provide an emergency contact and other information needed for the safety and security of the guest as well as the building itself.  The Hotel Front Desk must have information on every occupied room in the building in the event of an emergency and this is the reason the pre-registration form is required.  It allows for a simple and fast registration of owner’s guests without have undue delays waiting in line to register and complete the form upon arrival.