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This website is a BLOG published for the benefit of the Condo & Timeshare Owners who want to know what is really taking place at the HBR Resort.  Facts are reported as they happen and everyone is invited to offer another opinion or challenge the facts.  All HBR Owners  are  welcome to challenge the facts or opinions posted on this site.


Food Court with no food, no vendors, and no hope - It has become the Florida Vacation Destination for the homeless on Hollywood Beach 

Gone are the food vendors at the Oceanwalk Mall - No pizza guy, No Chinese Wok, No Sub Shop, No Coffee Lady, No O’Malley’s every business has closed and the place has become a ghost town and vacation destination for the homeless as empty liquor bottles replace the plants in the planter beds just below the escalator that has not worked  for over 15 years.   

The bathrooms have been locked and sealed closed because the Mall Owner does not wish to spend a single penny of the rents he receives from the pockets of the condo and timeshare unit owners.  Yes, owners in one form or another are paying approximately $750,000 per year to the NYC Mall Owner and none of it goes back into the property to fix or repair the deplorable conditions of the Mall.

Why do owners at the HBR prefer to  fight with each other rather than addressing the real problems that exist at the property today?  The moment you step into the first floor of Oceanwalk Mall you get the feeling that something is not right but as one walks further into the mall the reality hits you.  The place is decaying with vacant shops, a food court with no vendors, and the shops that exist are vendors that belong on the Boardwalk and not inside a mall that represent the first impression hotel guests see when attempting to register at the Hotel Registration Desk. Upscale is not the word one can use to describe Oceanwalk Mall. Blight & Despair would be more appropriate. 

There is a movement taking place that includes mall tenants, condo owners, timeshare owners, and should include the City of Hollywood to force the NYC Mall Owners and David Schonberger to improve the blight conditions that exist today at Oceanwalk Mall. 

The HBR Condo Documents permits a standards committee to address the conditions of the OWM and it appears that many people are now willing to activate and serve on this committee. 

Over the years the NYC Mall Owner has made several announcement regarding multi-million dollar improvements and he also offered specific guarantees in a seven page letter written to the owners and the Condo Association.  Today, almost 15 years later, the OWM is falling apart and has been divided into three separate legal entities where the first floor is owned by the NYC Owner (Ben Heller) while the second floor was purchased, by a Miami Group (Fisher Family), from a foreclosure deal set by the Former Board President who was reported to receive substantial commissions from the sale that left the condo & timeshare owners shorted as the NYC Mall Owner was able to retain approximately $200K of the One Million sale proceeds contrary to what other foreclosed owners experienced durning past foreclosure deals. In addition, the $800,000 received by the Association was diverted to cover the costs of the new LLC created by the Board President and Vice President rather than for the improvement of the building and common areas as required by Florida Law. 

Where is the first floor Mall Owner going and how long will the owners at the HBR Condo Association allow him to victimize them before the Mall is closed by the City of Hollywood as a blight on all the improvements taking place on Hollywood Beach? 


Just like children in school the report card reports to parents and in this case to HBR Owners the success or failure of their children or in this case the Board of Directors for the HBR.  Have the tasks required been met and do the children pass and go to the next garde in the following year?  This is what the report card tells you.

What has the HBR Board been doing for me lately ?

Is the pool fixed?  Has the issues been addressed about the temperature of the pool and hot tub? Is the waterfall tiles being replaced? Are they moving to end the illegal LLC and get the Association out of the bar and hotel business?  Are they taking legal action to recapture what looks like $2 Million in illegally diverted condo fees? Are the hallways and carpents finally being deep cleaned?  Is anything being done to rescue the all but bankrupt Hotel Program created by Jekic & Welliver ? Is the gym being painted and has new equipment been ordered?  Did the Board make Fisher pay up and is there money in the Associaiton bank accounts? Is there anything being done to help the timeshare owners who now with the loss of RCI find their weeks worthless?  Is anything being done to spruce up the hotel front desk area?  Is the outdated and expenseive telephone system being replaced to move us into the future ?  Is anything being done to address the insurance fraud and bogus payments being made in the past by the Jekic Board?  Has the current Board been holding meeting or are they going six months to a year without any regulars scheduled Board Meeing like Jekic did? Are Board Member listening to the concerns of Owners and addressing issues ?




Timeshare Owner writes to Schecher - Help !

On Jan 25, 2016, at 12:36 AM, Major Alexander and Janice Brazier wrote:

Phone:: 316-214-4470

Mr. Richard J. Schecher,: I have been a time-share member of HBR since 2003(we have paid all fees as directed), my wife and want to know what is the status of our timeshare? We were informed timeshares selling? Then of a special assessment? and just a few days ago a letter from RCI saying the hotel no is longer participating within the RCI system.

What is going on? 
1/25/2015 at 1235pm.

SG RESORTS Offers HELP for HBR Timeshare Owners !

Dear Major Alexander

I regret that the Timeshare is no longer, in my opinion, a viable investment and with the loss of RCI at the HBR.  Without an Exchange the TS Ownership is worthless. There is one owner at the HBR (Andrew Fisher) that is in the process of buying all deeded back weeks from the Association and perhaps you could offer your TS to him directly.  I have copied him in this email and I would suggest you contact him.  He has made a deal with the Association and is paying a flat $1,000 for every TS Week.  Other than this, I don’t really know much as my company has not managed the TS at the HBR for about 6 years. 

BETTER OPTION:  Another and better option would be to deed it back to the Association and become a member of our SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club where you could enjoy all the same benefits of RCI without all the exchange fees and other ongoing related Timeshare costs.  We have over 5,000 resorts in more than 100 countries and many are members of both RCI and II.  You enjoy all the benefits of Timeshare without the ownership costs of timeshare

Our Offer to all HBR Timeshare Owners who deed back their units to the Association

Lifetime SG Vacation Club Membership (10 Prime Weeks)     $7,995

SGVC HBR Credit for deeding back week to Association       $5,000 -

One Time (Lifetime Cost)                                                            $2,995

Benefits are superior to HBR Timeshare Ownership and includes Cruise Ships and other travel 

packages as part of your Membership benefits with No annual dues - No Timeshare Fees  - No Blackout Dates - Superior benefits compared to  HBR Timeshare Ownership 

Visit www.sgvc.net for details.  Note the membership pricing has increased since the site was published 

I will also contact Mr. Fisher and the HBR Board and suggest they publish the SG Resorts alternative for the benefit of all existing Timeshare Owners interested in getting out of the HBR after the announcement of losing the RCI Exchange Program. 

Getting Involved means getting responsible

It means voting responsible in 2016

There appear to be two types of owners or maybe three  types of owners at the HBR.  We have the CRITICS (Those offering criticism without solutions) , the DOERS (Those taking action to improve the property and address the problems), and we have the BYSTANDERS (Those watching and not saying or doing anything).  

The CRITIC can be found on the new Owners Forum Web Page.  There are about 5 in total and they love to post and respond to the posts created by Past HBR President of 15 years (Richard J. Schecher, Sr.)  The HBR Critic offers comments and criticism on just about everything taking place at the HBR and they enjoy blaming the current HBR Board of Directors for almost everything and anything wrong at our property in spite of the fact that the current Board inherited all of the problems created by the Jekic Board and the HHBR,LLC that was  illegally created by Laura Welliver and Michel Jekic while in office for a little over 4 years.  It took over 4 years of illegally diverting owners condo fees that were designated for the maintenance, service, and repairs of our building to fund and finance their LLC which they created to circumvent Florida Condo Law and place all HBR Owners in the bar and hotel business without the owners' knowledge, approval, or legally required vote. - This is the main reason we are in a sinking ship today. 

The DOERS (People working to address the real problems and fix what is wrong with our property).  Those that are actually doing something to fix what is wrong at the HBR have become the targets for the Critics who blame the current Board for everything that is wrong today in spite of the facts that show they are working to address and reverse the financial crisis and the horrific conditions at our property created before they were voted into office.  Who are the DOERS?  They are the current sitting members of the HBR Board including members of the Fisher family that are actually taking action  to make the conditions at the HBR better and they have taken the first steps required in the legal process to hold those who diverted almost $2Million of our condo fees legally liable.  The DOERS can easily publish a list of accomplishments that have taken place over the past 60 days and many of the completed tasks were items the Critic wanted to address.  I like to consider myself (Schecher,Sr) as one of the DOERS because I have been the only Critic that took the time to meet with the HBR Board and demand the changes I would have demanded from a Court appointed Special Master.  

The BYSTANDERS are the silent majority.  They can be found at home reading what the Critic writes and watching what the DOERS actually do to fix what is wrong at our property.  Many BYSTANDERS read my Owners Blog www.hbrresortcondo.com   

At the end of the day, the Critics will most likely always remain Critics but for the HBR to really achieve success in 2016, the BYSTANDERS need to support and vote for the DOERS to enable the HBR to become a viable investment for all owners and hopefully create a much improved future which will included increased rental rates and property values for all HBR Owners as plans to upgrade and develop the mall and surrounding land are on the table for consideration by those with the money, power, and desire to improve the HBR and the surrounding property.  The HBR can benefit from the Developers and we can all benefit by working together to improve and fix everything that is wrong with the HBR today. 

We need every owner to vote in the upcoming election to keep the “progress” started by the current Board moving forward.  We ask all the BYSTANDERS to respond to the Election Volunteers who will be contacting you and asking for your support and vote to keep PROGRESS alive at the HBR Resort. 

The Solution is to keep those who have demonstrated progress on the Board working to keep progress alive and moving forward.  Voting for anyone without a Platform that outlines what they are going to change and how they will change it offers nothing but a backwards step and will reverse the progress currently taking place at the HBR. Voting for someone who has demonstrated progress and is working to make progress a reality for Owners is the only way to keep progress moving forward.  Starting over with a totally new Board with a totally new agenda to prove the old Board was wrong rather than to address the issues will serve no purpose.  This is what Jekic & Welliver did and look where we are today !

 HBR Special Master ? - No longer required

OWNERS FORUM - What Schecher says: I have posted in the past that a Special Master is needed when the Board refuses to act or address the problems which was taking place when Ken and Wanda were on the HBR Board and running the property on a day to day basis.  The Special Master would have court appointed authority to make the Board take action and do the right thing.

In an effort to save the cost of a Special Master and because no owner on the Owners’ Forum supported getting a SM, I took it upon myself to fly down to South Florida and visit with the Fisher Board to lay all my concerns on the table, the exact same concerns that I would request the SM to act upon.

After several meeting, the Fisher Board agreed with me and started to take immediate action to address my concerns and the concerns of my fellow HBR Owners which included: (1) Getting rid of Ken and Wanda because they were absolute liars and totally incompetent  (2) Getting non-Fisher people on the Board (3) Addressing the Chiller issue (4) Getting answers from KW regarding all the bogus accounting and missing money (5) Getting the Swimming Pool problems solved with bills over $20K and no working pool (6) Addressing the insurance fraud that left us with a condo office with no walls and $70K missing (7) Taking legal action against Jekic & Welliver for illegally creating a Mall Lease and $7.5 Financial Guarantee (8) Taking legal action to have the lease terminated (Summary Judgement) (9) Work to combine the Front Desk Operations to a single unit working for the benefit of everyone including the Associaiton in general (10) Plus other problems related to the bankrupt bar operations.

After meeting with the Fishers and pushing for "progress" they started to respond to the issues laid on the table and they are working to address and fix every one of the items outlined above.  Until they stop the progress or reverse their postion on "cooperation", I see no reason to have the expense of a Special Master because they are already doing what a SM would be demanding.

My position has changed regarding the Fisher people because of the above and because the facts show that the Fisher Board is clearly working for the good of all owners and not any single interest as Jekic & Welliver had done in the past. 

I'm tired of being ripped off by an out of control Board of Directors and the Fisher Board has STOPPED and is reversing the fraud and deception by asking KW for ANSWERS and BACKUP as to where all our money has gone and why do we owe money for a swimming pool that they claim was repaired while a blind man can tell it was not. 

The fraud and deception by Jekic and his people is over and it is the Fisher Board that has uncovered more problems than anyone could believe.  It took almost 5 years for things to get this bad and blaming the Fisher people for what Jekic & Welliver did is not logical.  They may not be working as fast as everyone would like but for the first time since 2010, we have a Board that is actually taking action to end all the fraud and deception. 

Like them or not, what they have done in the past 4 mounths speaks for itself.  Getting rid of Wanda and Ken was a giant step forward and all the other steps are coming one after another.  I call this progress compared to the HBR Administrations of the past 4 years.

MAYBE: Maybe it is time to end their progress and get rid of them and start over with a new Board?  Maybe it is time to find new owners willing to suffer the abuse of owners who are not happy because the bar is bankrupt and a failure?  Maybe it is time to get new Board Members to run the hotel program created by Jekic which hit rock bottom with no guest services, no air-conditioning, no sheets or linins, and no televisons in over 60 rooms and no chance for success without professional management?

Yes, maybe it is time to start over and end the progress that is well under way under the Fisher Administration or maybe it is time to get onboard with the Fisher Board and work side-by-side addressing the issues and fixing the problems as a united group of owners ??? Maybe it is time for the critics to start asking the Board for answers rather than posting question to each other and speculating about what they believe is happening or should be happening? 

I like to believe that I am a professional and the millions I make each year in the real estate and finance industry is proof enough for me that I know what I am talking about, but maybe we need a restaurnt waiter who illegally lives in our building to run our building?  Maybe we need the critics that hate the Fishers to replace the Fishers because they promote CHANGE but they can't tell you what they will CHANGE or how they plan on CHANGING it?   You will remember that Jekic promoted CHANGE but he never told you what he would CHANGE and do better, he just illegally placed every HBR Owner in the bar and hotel business using OPM (Other Peoples Money - illegally diverted condo fees).  Jekic made a backroom deal with the First Floor Mall Owner that created a financial crisis for every owner in the Association except the First Floor Mall Owner. 

Maybe we should all vote for Jekic, as he placed his name in the hat for the 2016 Elections.  He needs to come back to the well because there is still some money left, thanks to the Fisher people who are demanding answers and accounting backup to what Jekic created.


Our building 

Submitted by George D'AmatoThe whole area is packed. Every business in the area is busy. Yet the 101 pub is empty. Maybe that's because our bar is under staffed and under supplied. In the time I was there they were out of Heineken and Corona, also other liquors that people were asking for. Pub 101 was empty for New years and was only business to close shortly after midnight. No matter how you put it, somebody doesn't want to make money. No body could be that incompetent.

It takes money to make money

Submitted by Richard J. Schecher, Sr

The old saying is very true when it comes to the HBR and the Ocean Pub 101.  They have no money in the bank and they are not making enough to pay the rent and other expenses.  I don't think it is a question of somebody does not want to make money, it is a question that nobody has the money to put up to buy and do what the business needs to make money. 

Think about the basic concept - Ocean Pub 101 does not have an owner, it has a few hundred owners in the form of condo and timeshare owners who were forced into the ownership position without even being asked (illegally).  In a normal business, the owner would put up the money to keep the business running or go out of business.  In the case of Ocean Pub 101 we ( HBR Owners )would need to do another "Special Assessment" to get the capital needed to keep the business open and running but when you do the analysis of the business, the intelligent owner or owners would most likely close the business because it has been a monumential failure over the past 5 years since opening without any money or financial backing other than the money stolen from the HBR Association by Jekic and Welliver. 

For the first time in a long time, with the new manager , we are seeing the return of the customer base that left because of all the drug activity taking place. However, this customer base is not enough to support the business alone and there is no money available to fund what is needed and required to be done to save the business. Hence, money is needed to make money but the amount of money that can be made will not support the business no matter what is done.

At the end of the day, the place can't support rents of $28,000 per month.  The fact of life at the Ocean Pub 101 is that the bar benefits only the landlord at the expense of every single owner at the HBR and the furture does no include changing for the benefit of the owners unless the bar is closed and given back to the greedy landlord. 

The other problem becomes owners not supporting their own bar.  I often see the critics sitting on the wall outside the bar area where they are making comments about the bar but I never see them inside the bar spending any money at their own bar. I own property at one community that requires the property owners to spend a certain amount of money in the association's restaurant and if the property owner does not spend the minimum, they must pay the difference at the end of the year much like Country Clubs do. 

My best solution and reccomendation would be to close the bar and seek recovery of our diverted fees from the Landlord as well as Jekic & Welliver.  Why? Because the financial guarantee requires a defalut of the tenant (HHBR,LLC) before the Guarantee kicks in.  The HHBR,LLC had our fees illegally diverted which prevented any default which would have triggered the guarantee.  Jekic and the Landlord were taking money from the Association before any Guarantee kicked in or became enforcable. 

The HBR BAKER'S DOZEN- call for action

Speaking from 30 years experience of owning and operating O'Malley's Ocean Pub which was to only a profitable business but a Beach Icon until being driven out of business by Jekic & Welliver in their attempt to put the Condo Association ( You and all the other HBR Owners) into the beach bar business without any funding, experience, business plan, or due dilligence, I can state the following facts.

1.  The current Board has been working very hard uncovering the cause for all the problems that have driven our property into such a state of decay and they are taking action and forming a plan of recovery focused on the fraud, deception, and outright theft that has been taking place over the past 5 years.

2.  101 Ocean Pub is doomed for several reasons.  Former President Jekic executed several questionable contracts such as the contract to lease furniture and equipment that is either missing, broken, or outdated and beyond repair.  Example:  Jekic & Welliver executed a 5 year lease costing $7,000 per month for equipment that is now long gone along with tables and chairs that are worth about $80,000 total without leasing.  Do the math and Jekic thought it was best to force owners to pay $84,000 per year or a total of $588,000 for broken outdated equipment and bar stools and tables that are falling apart.  $588K for $80K worth of bar equipment and accessories. 

3.  Ocean Pub 101 Kitchen:  Half the equipment in the kitchen is broken and requires fixing and the other half is broken and beyond repair.  It would take an investment of hard cash to fix the kitchen to a level where it could function and produce a food menu.  The intelligent owner would walk away because the capital required will not produce the return needed to justify throwing good money after bad.

4.  Basic economics says walk away and cut your losses - Do the math and any intelligent owner will come to this same conclusiion.  The rent is $28,000 per month, the lease for furniture and equipment is $7,000 per month.  Just these two items represent $35,000 per month. The bar makes about $1,000 to $2,500 per day on really good day with an average in the middle.  Now consider, the rent, equipment lease, insurance cost, and manager salary represents almost $525,000 per year and this base expense represents approximately $1,500 per day.  Now add on top of this BASE the cost of inventory, payroll, and other related items required to run a bar and restaurant the costs increase while any return on investment decreases. 

5.  Hidden partners - for the last 5 years the records of the Pub are not acceptable by any standards and this is what the current Board has been uncovering about the bar as well as all aspects of the HBR.  EXAMPLE:  The first month the new manager was on duty he gave an amount of $$ generated from the juke box and that amount was more than the prior management deposited for an entire year.  Now  add over pouring, comps, free drinks to friends, and other factors to the mix and your hidden partners over the last 5 years walked away with a lot of cash that we all know is now missing from the HBR.

6.  HBR Critics - it is one thing to be a critic and complain about no kitchen, no food, no favoriate drink but it is another thing to produce the money needed to buy all of items the critic is complaining about.  Who is going to put up the cash to purchase the product?  Who is going to put up the money to buy new kitchen equipment?  Where will all the money come from that is needed to fix what is wrong with the bar to make it an attractive place and a place that can have at least half a chance to reach the level of success that O'Malley's enjoyed? 

7.  Who benefits from the bar?  Jekic told eveyone that it was impossible for the bar to lose money and that the Association fees would be reduced from all the profits of the bar.  Now, 5 years later we all know that this is not true and rather than having our fees reduced as promised by Jekic, we are paying about $220,000 per year more to cover the illegal LLC Jekic & Welliver created and the current Board has taken legal action to recover the illegally diverted and missing money. However, at the end of the day, nobody has benefited accept the NYC Oceanwalk Mall Owners.  They have been collecting over $500,000 per year for well over 15 years and they have not put one penny back into our property and today they remain as the "horrific first impression" of our building.

8.  Critics at the HBR need to get behind the current Board and understand that they are working very hard to understand where all our money has gone and they are taking steps to get our money back.  They are "getting to the bottom of things" and they are holding people accountable.  The current Board is comprised of people who own buildings and have the experience and background to actually accomplish something while those fighting them offer noting but criticism based upon speculation an rumors without any consideration for the facts and reality of what is really taking place on the ground at the HBR.

9.  Did you know?  The Board uncovered the $7,000 bar lease that was never disclosed or approved by the Jekic Board as required by Florida Condo Law.  The Board recently uncovered insurance fraud by Jekic & Welliver after they colleted approximately $70,000 for repairs resulting from the fire in the condo office.  Hey, Go Look at the office and you will clearly see that $70,000 worth of work was not done and KW Management said Jekic would fire them if they did not go along with his schemes.  The current Board discovered that the $50,000 taken out of escrow by former KW Manager was used to give herself a $5,000 Christmas Bonus and she only worked at the property for a few months and the money was also used to cover a double payroll that the Board is demanding back. 

10.  The Party is over -  From what I can see and know, it appears the party is over at the HBR thanks to the current Board.  The current Board has made it clear that the party is over and the illegal diversion of funds will stop and those responsible will be held accountable.   The current Board has uncovered many items that require and explination and better accounting.  There has been so much illegal diversion of condo fees that it appears like everyone was trying to get a piece of the pie.  It is over.  Lana has been and will continue to demand answers as positive changes are taking place based upon logic and economics, not rumor and speculation.  The Board is collecting evidence to support their actions and future actions. 

11.  Open & Honest Communication - My son is now on the Board and I am pushing him to hold meetings with owners on a regular basis and even weekly if necessary to keep owners informed and updated as to what is really going on at the HBR in an effort to end the speculation and false rumors. I have asked my son and the other Board Members to bring owners into the office to review the records that illustrate the level of fraud and deception that has existed over the past 5 years which flourished under Jekic.  Bring Owners in and show them what is taking place and what the Board is doing to STOP and PREVENT the fraud and deception.  I am calling for Owner Involvement and the Board has agreed.

12.  Owner Action Group - I am also pushing my son and all the Board Members to form an HBR Owners Action Committee to address the issues that require special attention.  Issues like the condition of Oceanwalk Mall's first floor.  Issues like the swimming pool and common areas.  Issues like the hallyways and cleaning of the building starting from the entrance to the top floor.  Yes, I believe it is time to unite, form a Action Group and have the Action Group work hand in hand with the Board. 



The Legal Side worth considering before the Election is Announced-  Critical to comprehend is the following:  (1) The Master Association allows nomimations for the Board from the floor of the Annual Meeting (2) Jekic removed the ability to vote by proxy (3) The Proxy is required to complete the election because nominations from the floor require the ability to vote by Proxy. 

What does all this mean?   It means that when Owners are forced to provide a Candidate Form for the Master Election by a certain date and Ballots are created based upon the Candidates who submitted their forms by the deadline the election process is not complete and the election can easilly be challanged and considered illegal or invalid by an Election Master.  

Why?  Because the selection form listing all candidates is incomplete and sealed ballots should not be created or presented until the process of selecting Candidates is over and the process of selecting Canidates is not over until the nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting has been closed.  Hence, we are requiring HBR Owners to vote using sealed ballots from a form created before all the Candidates are known. (HUGE PROBLEM).  

Yes, any Candidate nominated from the floor has no chance because Jekic required sealed ballots be delivered from all out of town owners prior to the closing of the nominations.  LEGAL ISSUE: This makes it impossible for the Candidate nominated from the floor to win becaues the deadline to vote and collect votes already passed and votes were cast before all Candidates were known.  This problem was addressed in the formation of our Condo Documents by allowing owners of the Master Association to vote by Proxy.  

What does Proxy Voting mean?  It means an owner can give his or her proxy to a friend to vote for them and it allows them to vote for the people who were nominated from the floor and\or those who were listed on the Candidiate form.  It guarantees owners and candidates a fair election.  Remember, this was all changed by Jekic and the change was never validated.  Jekic required the elimination of Proxy voting because that wast the only way he could gain control of our Associaiton and the purse strings of the Association.  

Like it or not, when the election is held without allowing owenrs the ability to vote in the Master Association by Proxy, the election can be challanged and a Special Election Master can void the election. 

SCHECHER SAYS: If I was running for the Board or if I was a Board Member, I would be promoting a simple plan to address the issues we all face together.  It would start by: (1) Listing all of the problems and things at our property that are not working (as in not "right"). (2) I would investigate the cause behind each problem or item requiring an immediate FIX  and I would immediately eliminate the "cause" of the problem followed by: (3) I would assign each item a priority number (4) I would instruct management to start fixing everying on the list starting with priority #1 (5) I would monitor and ask Management to provide weekly "progress reports" as to each item being addressed.

Success will never come from bringing up the past and focusing on what happened yesterday.  Success is only possible when we focus on the future and plan for tomorrow. Success comes when everyone is united and working for the common goal to improve our property.  The process is simple and it should start today. 

So far all I have seen on this site (OWNERS FORUM)  is a handful of the 50 or so owners registered as HBR Owners complaining that change is needed as they point out everything they believe is wrong whether true or not while not one of these super critic-candidates have provided one single alternative to what can be done or what should be done to fix what faces us all today.

The same handful of people are running for the Board and not one has provided their platform for change when requested.  I for one would like to see a debate among the candidates who challange the current Board and I would be happy to be the person who moderates the debate.  

In one of the Associations where I own property, they have a "Meet The Candidate Night" and even this would be good for Candidates to meet owners and answer questions after providing Owners with their Platform for Change at the HBR.  

We need to stop with the all the negatives and finger pointing and focus on a Platform of HBR Change and it is in this light that I ask each owner-candidate from this site to post your Platform for HBR Change and tell us what you will do when and if elected to the HBR Board.  Start talking issues and solutions and stop the mud slinging. 

     1999 to 2016- Not much has changed 

If you look back to 1999 you will see that the issues are almost identical and nothing much has changed.  I just discovered an old folder filled with old papers and memories of the history of the HBR. The key major issues or problems at the HBR has never changed and that is:  (1) The condition of Oceanwalk Mall and (2) The failure of Owners to unite and do something about it.

Nobody can agrue the fact that the appearance and condition of OWM is not only slum like in appearance but it represents the "first impression" and "last memory"paying guests and renters share of our property.  It is the #1 reason not one single owner can achieve the level of rental income they should be earning.  It is the #1 reason no hotel operation can be truly successful and it is the #1 reason no vacation providers want to send their guests to our property.  As the hotel operator at the HBR for over 30 years, I can tell you that OWM is killing us all in many ways and today they are part of a scheme that is draining our Association bank account, thanks to the Jekic & Welliver LLC, of almost ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS per year. 

Did you ever bother to ask yourself, what are they doing with all the money they earn from the Associaiton? (Our diverted Condo Fees)  What have they been doing with the 41% rebate they have enjoyed for almost two decades ?  This is millions of dollars sucked from HBR Owners and not one single penny has been spent to improve the condition of the first floor.  In fact, the first floor is worse today than it was in 1999.

It is time for owners to unite and start working together to address the real issues and it is time to stop bashing the Board without actual knowledge and facts as to what is really happening in the Board room. We need to force Oceanwalk Mall to do someing with the first floor and that needs to be done NOW !

My suggestion is that we take the 41% rebate and use it to fix up or block off part of the first floor.  If you read the condo documents, I believe we may have this "right" and we need to exercise it.  The condition of the first  floor affects every floor above it and every condo unit of every condo owner looking to earn a rental income. 


1999 Oceanwalk Mall Written Guarantee to Owners remains broken

On March 15,1999 Oceanwalk Mall made a written guarantee to the HBR Residential Unit Owners and they have failed to honor their written guarantee.

In January 2016 the residential unit owners are being forced to pay Oceanwalk Mall over $600K in rent based upon an illegal guarantee hidden in an illegal lease executed by Jekic & Welliver.

In January 2016 Oceanwalk Mall must be held accountable for its failure to honor its written guarantee and its participation in an illegal scheme to force the HBR Owners into the bar and hotel business that has benefited nobody but Oceanwalk Mall.

In the 1990s Schecher was the Condo Commando fighting to get residential unit owners on the HBR Board and OWM was fighting to prevent Schecher from protecting his fellow unit owners from false promises and outright lies.  In 2016, Schecher can tell all owners those words nobody wants to hear: “I told you so. . .

In the early 1990s the Mall was in bad condition but it did have storekeepers, it did have a food court with an escalator that worked, it did have food vendors in the food court.  We had a pizza guy, we had Chinese Take-Out, we had O’Malley’s Ocean Pub, we had a Japanese Restaurant, and we had a promise for a future. 

In 1999 after the Mall was sold and we had a new NYC Mall Owner that promised a $23 Million Development and he presented owners with plans, projections, and pictures (see above) of what our property was going to look like. We were all asked to “Ride the Wave”.

On March 15, 1999 the Mall Owners sent a seven (7) page letter to all HBR Owners which laid out their goals, promises, and a written guarantee to all HBR Owners. The seven page letter stated their goals which included a $23 Million renovation to improve Oceanwalk along with the promise that the Mall Board would act in according with the requirements of Florida Law, which were enacted to protect unit owners 

MORE IMPORTANT:  on page 7 the NYC Mall Owners stated that: “ We will bid out the hotel front desk business through an RFP with an absolute minimum investment by first class hotel of between fit to seven million dollars to pay for necessary common area and room renovations….. We believe a better deal can be made because we have already had discussions with other hoteliers, if Mr. Schecher wishes to obtain a lease on the front desk, he will have to offer the same financial commitment and services as other hoteliers placed on the table.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: on page 5 the NYC Mall Owners stated that: “ Mall guaranties to all unit owners that it will not close the front Hotel Desk, and has taken steps to ensure that the front desk will always continue to be available for the operation of the Hotel. 

RIDE THE WAVE - How has that been working out for you?

[ CLICK HERE ] See & Remember the Oceanwalk Wave

Today we have OWM with a strangle hold on all HBR Owners creating a real financial crisis based upon an illegal lease, and illegal 41% Rebate, an illegal financial guarantee, and a whole bunch more.

Today, we need a Board of Directors with a Platform that will address the issues of an illegal lease, and illegal financial guarantee, an illegal 41% rebate, and the declining conditions of our property.  

Today, I believe the current HBR Board has taken positive steps to address these issues and any owner wishing to become a member of the Board needs to outline a Platform that will address the issues and solve our problems in the most cost effective manner. 

Mr.Ed (The talking horse)- NO, the HBR Condo Owner


Richard every day you sound more like Donald Junk, just seeing what it's your interest at the moment , few weeks ago you where calling for the court to appoint a master to take charge of the association and always agree that the bar and the hotel was not association business, after talking to non-paying fisher you changed your mind.  

RESPONSE:  Thank you for your comment comparing me to Donald Trump as I have known him for many years and he  is someone that I respect as a businessman but your statements are far from true. You are correct that I did support getting a Special Master in the past but it was not weeks ago.  It was when I did not see any other option for HBR Owners but a Special Master.  Since then, I took specific action to contact the Fisher Board and I have been able to get the Fisher Board to listen and take action themselves to not only address the critical problems that would require a Special Master but to make the necessary changes that I would have demanded from a Special Master. 

Also, my position has not changed regarding the LLC’s bar and hotel business.  I have never believed the Association should be in either business and I have always said what was done to us is illegal and my position has not changed on this issue.  

I have been working with the current Board to address these specific issues and work towards a fix.  You need to know that the matter is a complicated legal issue created over 4 years ago causing an ongoing financial crisis for all of us.  The problems can be fixed and the current Board has promised to do something towards creating a fix  and I have seen them take steps in this direction.  Currently, It has been more than 4 years under Jekic & Welliver where almost $2 Million of our money is missing, yet you choose to continue to attack me and not those who made your money disappear with bogus accounting.  In reality, I appear to be the only HBR Owner actually trying to work with the Board for the change we all want. You and your friends enjoy complaining and talking about making changes but never once tell us what you will do different.  You cry out for change but offer nothing to make the change other than your criticism and speculation. 

Talking about owners doing nothing of course we are doing a lot paying the pricy increased association bills to cover the dues that fisher doesn't pay his board has been a year there and we just pay more and the building falling apart and now you supporting him because your son is in charge of the loser bar, come while we the stupid owners pay the bills because fisher doesn't pay anything! 

RESPONSE:  Paying your monthly fee and not addressing the problem makes you part of the problem.  If you remember the former owner of CU2 did not pay his fees either and it cost the Association over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  Worse, the old owner collected $200K from the foreclosure negotiated by Jekic when no other owner received a penny when they went into collections.  On top of this the $800K paid by Fisher to the Association disappeared and was not used for the 40yr certification as promised by Jekic to Fisher.

 You do nothing to help the problems other than to talk and complain. You need to focus on the issues and what is actually being done to address the issues.  In reality, I don’t believe you even understand the issues .  All I see is criticism based upon ignorance when you consider just about everything promoted on the Owner’s Forum is based upon what people think or believe is happening and not what is actually happening behind the scenes.  

There is a big effort taking place to get Andrew to pay up and settle his lawsuit with the Association and if successful, this will get another $250K back into our bank accounts.  I do not support Fisher, but  I do support anyone who is taking positive action and from what I can see and verify, there is a lot of positive things happening, yet you and a handful of people would rather ignore the positive and focus on all the negatives rather than working to make change a reality.  

I see people working to make change and other people talking about change being needed.  My support goes to those who take action to make change and not to those those who talk about change being needed.  If Fisher falls into the category of positive changers, he has my support and if he does not, he does not have my support.  

Mr. Ed, you are absolutely nuts if you think my son has anything to do with the bar and in making the statement that you did clearly illustrates that you do not have a clue as to what is actually taking place at the HBR.  My son has all he can do to keep the SG hotel program working when the place is attractive to nobody with a brain and absolutely nobody willing to pay to stay at the place.  We have been tracking our guests who check out because of the condition of the property and as a business owner we have every right to file a lawsuit against the Association for failure to maintain the property.

We did proposed to get rid of the bar and the hotel services which you agree with but of course now you changed your mind for your own convenience just like Donald Junk, best business for themselves and the rest keep paying for the losers. Shame on you!  

RESPONSE:  When did anyone other than myself (Schecher, Sr) propose to get rid of the bar and hotel services?  Who other than Schecher took any action or filed a lawsuit to do exactly that?  If you remember, Judy Tower sent and email applauding the fact that Schecher’s Federal RICO lawsuit being dismissed from Federal Court,  it was the lawsuit that would have gotten all the owners their fees back plus damages was thrown out of court.  I believe Tower wrote something like it was a great day for Owners - Yes, a great day, you just lost the ability to recover millions and you applaud because Schecher was thrown out of Federal Court in his battle to get YOU and every owner their money back.  My mind and my mission has been the same.  I think you need to get your facts straight and start telling the truth and seeing the truth that sits right in front of you but you are to blind or too stupid to see. 

Supporting Fisher who got the building falling apart and on top is not paying the association, while we the stupid owners are paying increases for his big bad debt and losers bar and hotel, while our building fall apart. 

RESPONSE:  Again, for the last time, I do not support Fisher and the record will show that our building had already fallen apart long before the Fisher people arrived.  It took Jekic & Welliver 4 years to get us in the place we are today.  Open your eyes, when I left office we had two chillers, working elevators, room revenues and condo unit prices at an all time high, and a Ramada Franchise. When the Fisher people took office, we were left with nothing and from what I can see, they are working to get things back.  

It would be wise for you and other critics to pick up the phone and speak with those in power to see what is really going on rather than complain about what you think is going on.  For example the Pool:  Do you know that the Board has questioned a bill to fix the pool in the amount of about $20K and refused to pay until they receive answers from KW and the pool contractor.  Look at the pool today !  KW was working with their chosen contractor and not any contractor recommended or hired by the Board.  Look where we are today.  Another Example - The Board is all over KW for answers and they already took swift action to get rid of Ken and Wanda who were part of their own chosen few.  KW needs to be held responsible for the bogus accounting that was allowed to continue and the condition of the property under their management.  

Changing the topic whomever want to run for the board need to apply before 1/6/15 they send this on 12/17/15 by mail to give no chance to owners to apply that sounds Fishy to me too, I think we need to denounce this to Tallahassee and make a huge deal if they run the elections is clearly they will manipulate the results, they should have provided more time and send it by email too but obviously the fisher also control the administration please check your mail or call the association to get the forms asap if Fisher is qualified to do nothing I'm sure many other owners are better than him, please apply asap otherwise they will continue disappearing the funds without any repairs.

RESPONSE:  I just spent a fortune on lawyers and a lot of time contacting every agency all the way up the ladder to the Florida Attorney General.  All I can say is good luck in your unfunded quest for whatever you think you want.  I am speaking with fist hand experience when I tell you that our property falls thru the cracks of Jurisdiction because we are both a mixed use property and a combination of Condo & Timeshare. 

 In addition  the one huge fact you totally overlook is the recall provision for any Board.  Yes, all that is needed for a recall of the Board is 10% of the vote and the Mall Owners have the ability to legally recall any Board at any time because they have approximately 18% of the Association vote between all their units including CU1 and CU2.   

MOST IMPORTANT- Your funds are no longer disappearing as the current Board has been challenging all payables and bills and they have uncovered questionable leases and other expenses from Jekic like $7,000 for bar equipment that does not seem to exist.  I can tell you that from what I have seen over the past two months, Lana Fisher is one tough cookie and she is questioning everything.  Maybe you can get rid of her and get on the Board where we can start over from square #1  and get deeper into debt. 

HBR OWNERS FORM - where Owners seem to enjoy offering criticism and negative comments void of any positive solutions. It appears to be a place where certain Owners enjoy posting negative comments void of any positive alternative solutions.  It has become the home of negative thinkers who demand change but do not offer any solution or means for change. 

I have not heard anything but criticism from those promoting change on the HBR Owners Forum.  I am still waiting to hear what those who demand change will do differently compared to the current  HBR Board who has made several changes while being blamed for all the problems at the HBR today.  The reality of life at the HBR is that problems & conditions that took 4 years to develop will take more than 1 year to fix.

Forget the fact that the HBR went from a National Ramada Franchise to what the critics report as a slum with homeless people, green swimming pools, and a building with no air-conditioning in 4 short years.

Forget the fact that almost $2Million of Association funds disappeared over the same 4 years in a failed effort to place the HBR into the beach bar and hotel business without any qualified management or business plan.

Forget the fact that Owners enjoy being critics but not one single owner other than Schecher, Sr has stepped up to the plate to offer solutions to the problems that exist today, they enjoy being critics rather than problem solvers.

Forget the fact that about a half-dozen Owners enjoy bashing people with the experience and ability to actually implement change that will actually improve the property while refusing to get involved and take the time or put any effort into helping those who are actually doing something.

Forget the fact that SG resorts in an effort to help the Association provided maid service to over 90 rooms when guests were storming the condo front desk over the recent holiday period. 

Forget the fact that the current HBR Board took action to clean the house of those individuals who were uncovered as fraudsters and took immediate action to rid the bar of the drug dealers who were making it their home base.  This included Fisher’s best friend who is now gone thanks to Schecher.

Forget the fact that the HBR Board filled the vacant seats with non-family members or friends as requested by owners thanks to guess who? The only person to take the time to meet with the Fisher Board.

Forget the fact that whoever runs and becomes a member of the Board will need proven experience to take charge of not only the Association but the bar and hotel operation unless other alternative solutions are put in place to reduce the financial liability of the Association.

Forget the fact that the current HBR Board has taken legal action to recover the $2Million in missing fees from those responsible along with the overcharges from the Garage

Forget the fact that whoever runs for the Board will have to be “HANDS ON” and not only be at the property but will need to respond when the bar has problems and the hotel has issues.

Forget the fact that Andrew Fisher was working at the property during the last holiday rush and he was behind the front desk until late into the night and he is not even a Board Member

Forget the fact that Fisher gave a cash infusion of $480K to the Timeshare Association to be used to fix the property and only for this use. 

Forget the fact that KW Management took $50K of the money from Escrow with no accounting 

Forget the fact that Lana (Board Member) has been all over KW for answers to not only the missing $50K but all the other related problems faced at the property

Forget the fact that those few owners demanding change offer no guidance or direction as to their qualifications to make change or any indication of the change they actually plan to make

Forget the fact that Schecher represents over 120 owners on the SG Program and he will support any owner including Rod Hadfield who offers a platform based upon specifics rather than a blanket statement of “we need change” - What are you going to change and what steps are you going to take to implement the change.

Forget the fact that one of the biggest critics claims no experience is required to handle the many critical problems at the HBR, the Board just needs to hire a bar and hotel manager

Forget the fact that for the last 4 years Jekic & Welliver hired several managers and we are now missing $2 Million dollars masked in bogus accounting prepared by KW Management

Forget the fact that when Schecher’s Company had the hotel and bar operations, not one single penny was diverted from the Association to fund its operations

Rod Hadfield (HBR Unit Owner) claims that no experience is necessary to be a Board Member. However, intelligent owners believe that if you are going to run for the Board we need you to tell us: (1) Your qualifications and background (2) What you will change (3) What steps you will be taking to make the change (4) What specifically will you do regarding the legal issues related to the LLC and the Garage Parking Easement Overcharging (4) How you will handle the illegal lease,rebates, and financial guarantee binding all of us to the first floor mall owner (Ben Heller) 

What’s Cooking at the HBR ?

  What's cooking at the HBR today? 

Why do we have rules and regulations?  Why is important to enforce them?  Why do we have rental restrictions?  Why do we have insurance requirements?

Ask the above questions to any unit owner who does not want to have any rules and regulations in place because it makes it more difficult for him or her to rent their condo unit and you will hear some very interesting arguments as to why the Condo Association should not have rules or restrictions regarding occupancy.

Today, in Florida almost every, if not all condominiums, have some form of rules, regulations, and restrictions regarding occupancy by both owners and tenants.  Living in a Condominium environment requires it, and without the guidelines and restrictions established by the Condominium or Homeowner Documents along with the rules and regulations created by the Board of Directors living together would become almost impossible.  In the case of the HBR occupancy is restricted by both City Code (Transient Occupancy Only) and the actual HBHOA and HBRCA documents. For years when we were a Ramada Franchise the rules were enforced for the most part.  Under the Jekic Administration for almost 5 years the rules were enforced on a selective basis.  Today under the Fisher Administration, the rules must be enforced without question in order to bring structure back to the property and its operational survival. 

Why do I even bother to mention this?  Because a recent tenant of an owner was running a Meth Lab at the HBR.  Meth is a highly dangerous illegal drug and a Met Lab is an illegal laboratory where the drug is cooked or made.  The Meth Lab is not only illegal, it is toxic and highly dangerous.  Meth Labs have been known to explode and bring down entire buildings but I’m sure many of us already know this from watching TV or the News.

Why do I even bother to mention this?  I mention this because we just experienced an owner who rented to a tenant in direct violation of our Condo Rules & Regulations who experienced first hand what happens when tenant screening is avoided.  Yes, we had one HBR Owner with a tenant that was running a illegal Meth Lab and the Meth Lab exploded just like you see on television.  The explosion, luckily, only did fire damage to the Landlords Unit but the explosion, or the toxic fumes created by cooking Meth could have killed people in the surrounding units and the explosion and ensuing fire could have taken out the entire side of our building.

We were lucky with this one but the next one may cost every owner more than they want to consider because our rules and regulations are being challenged and not enforced. It is time to bring back structure to the HBR and it is time to fix the financial crisis created by the Jekic & Welliver HHBR,LLC.  

What make me an expert on this?  The simple fact that I was the President of the HBR for over 15 years and I happen to own one of the largest insurance operations in NYC that provides insurance to NYC inner city landlords.  My company has and does spend millions of dollars paying claims for fire damage as well as damage claims caused by tenants who have done exactly what has just happened at the HBR.   A building with no rules and regulations is no only a bad insurance risk, it is a bad building to live in or own a unit in. My knowledge and experience is first hand not fictional. 

At the end of the day the question becomes, do you want to occupy or own a unit next to a Meth Lab ?




Schecher responds to HBR-Owner Forum regarding HBR Issues

Mr. Ed, (HBR Owner & Critic)

I can assure you that I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and as a businessman and a condo owner that has actually devoted over 20 years of his life serving the HBHOA, I can tell you that being a Board Member is a thankless job and it becomes a horrific job to do when you are attacked by owners who base their entire arguments against you with fabricated or twisted facts. 

Mr Ed, I have lived the HBR abuse as a Board Member for almost 25 years and I know first hand what it is like to battle not only the real problems at the HBR but the unsupported attacks by crazy owners who would rather highlight and focus on what is wrong then offer and help with solutions to fix what is wrong. 

Understanding the Fisher Board:  I have been down the same road critics are trying to create for our current Fisher Board and I am sure from time to time, I have been just as guilty in jumping to conclusions about the Board.  In the past, I have been accused of stealing owners money along with a bunch of other total BS from a handful of crazy owners who get their information from other owners who actually know nothing about what is really happening.  In my case, the biggest HBR critic and person attacking me the most sits in Federal Prison today because he lied to the Government just like he lied before the Florida House Committee that generated the investigation into the HBR which in the end- proved without a doubt that all the BS against Schecher and the HBR Administration was nothing more than total BS. It turned out to be a fabrication of a crazy condo owner who at first appeared very creditable to those who did not know him.

As a professional and businessman my experience tells me that it is better to be on the inside of the “closed door” understanding what is actually taking place between Management and the HBR Board than to be on the outside of the “closed door” guessing and making up things about what you think is happening. My objective would be to get people I trust from the outside to the inside at the HBR. 

Successful people tend to focus on what is important (The Problem) and what needs to be done to make “progress” a reality. (The Solution)  I appreciate the critics who offer little more than opinions but my success in life speaks for itself and I am where I am today because I understand business, family, and the reality of life.  Personally I feel that talking about Andrew Fisher or Wanda and Ken Levy serve no constructive purpose at this point in time.  Understanding what they did and why they did it is more important and what needs to be done to change the current situation regarding what they did.  

Mr. Ed, as a professional, I took the time to meet with the Fisher people and lay all my concerns and the concerns of my fellow owners on the table for discussion.  What other owner do you know did anything close?  However, more important I listened to what the Fisher  side of the story and I came to understand the problems better than most because I can see both sides and truly understand the issues from a neutral perspective.

INSIDE FISHER: What is both important and impressive to me is the fact that after Fisher took the time to listen, and after he listened to me and verified what I was saying was true - he took immediate action to correct the problems.  This is illustrated by the exit of Ken and Wanda as well as his swift move to prevent the bar from being closed down by a undercover police sting on the drugs being sold from our bar.  At the end of the day, I truly believe that Fisher was lied to by people he trusted and he had no clue what was actually happening right under his nose.  He was blind to reality which was no different that the HBR Owners being blind to Jekic & Welliver promoting a self-serving agenda that cost you and every owner in the HBHOA millions. 

HBR OWNER OBJECTIVES: My fist objective was to get someone who I trust and someone with experience on the HBR Board that could appose Fisher on any Board vote that we felt worked against the good of the Association.  Who better than my own son and a trusted associate of over 15 years? My mission is to find a solution to the problems you mention.  Problem #1 for me was to get rid of Ken Levy and his wife -Mission Accomplished  Problem #2 for me was to get non Fisher people on the Board - Mission Accomplished  Problem #3 - Understanding the Fisher Timeshare Deal - Mission Accomplished  Problem #4- Getting the CU2 Owner (Andrew Fisher) to pay his delinquent fees - Mission status is working on it  Problem #5 Getting all owners united and working with the Board to improve our property - Mission Status in the works 

Mr Ed, the 40 year certification is in the final phase with the recent approval of the contract to complete the job.  The contract was approved by Board Members with the experience of Developers and people who understand and work with bids on a regular basis. No more suprises for any of us on this matter.  The bids were awarded to a contractor for specific reasons and not to a Fisher Contractor as many skeptical owners offering their opinions and speculations claim.  

I wish you and every condo owner nothing but the best of health and happiness on this Holiday Season.  I will be at my home in the Caribbean enjoying the Holiday with my family far away from the problems of the HBR and the critics that oppose anything I attempt to do in my efforts to help our Association.

My Holiday wish for my fellow owners  is that the HBR problems are well on their way to being solved at the HBR and when I return to Florida we can all be united working on the same side. However, for now I will be enjoying my Holiday at my Caribbean home and not thinking another thought about the HBR because my mission to make a difference had the timeline of Thanksgiving to New Years and I believe that I have lived up to my promise to all fellow owners including my critics.  Things are different today compared to last week at the HBR and hopefully tomorrow will bring more changes and progress



Fisher removes the Texas Mafia from the HBR

Non-Fisher Board Members are appointed to the HBR Board

Greg Ward is running on Speculation 

The Texas Mafia (Wanda & Ken Levy) are gone and so is Wanda’s brother who according to Wanda had a $6 Million Oil business back in Texas. After reports of serious drug activity taking place at 101 Ocean Pub, the Fisher Board took swift action to eliminate and correct the problem before the police had a chance to raid the place. The Fisher Board hired Schecher’s former O’Malley’s Manager who was also the manager of the famous Martha’s Restaurant for 14 years (Joe Udell).  Hopefully with professional management the bar can become a revenue source for the HBR that can help reduce maintenance fees for all owners or at least recover the diverted fees taken by the Jekic-Welliver Administration 

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: It would appear that the efforts of former HBR Board President, Richard J. Schecher, Sr, did not fall on deaf ears as non-Fisher people were appointed to the HBR Board at the December 14, 2015 Board Meeting.  Appointed to the Board on December 14th was RJ Schecher, Jr and Mirko Morales. Schecher said he was happy to see his son appointed to the Board because his son represents over 100+ Owners on the SG Hotel Program and Mirko Morales is both a CAM Licensed property manager and a Certified Hotel Operator. Morales has professional experience and credentials that make him an excellent Board Member. He was also active in securing the Ramada Franchise for the HBR over 15 years ago.  Residential HBR Owners now have non-Fisher people with excellent credentials on the HBR Board.

FIGHTING PROGRESS: Greg Ward the former Garage Manager and unit owner announces he will be running for the HBR Board in 2016.  Ward has been posting his opinions and speculations on the new HBR Owners Forum where about 50 Owners keep track on what is being reported.  The problem with “speculation” is that it has no place in the real world of business.

Schecher replies to Ward after Ward speculates about Schecher. . .

Do Nothing or Do Something but stop with all the BS Speculation 

Greg, At least I made an effort and I did something to get non-Fisher family members on the Board while all you do is post more BS Speculation.  NEWS FLASH- Schecher will never take back the bar and has no interest in the bar or its ownership. It has been destroyed and requires a mircale worker to save it.  The bar is almost bankrupt and the lack of proper management has turned it form O'Malley's which was a beach icon for over 25 years to a drug den with drugs being sold out ot the kitchen and in the bathrooms. The bar has been destroyed and at least the Fisher people were smart enough to listen to me and hire a professional (Joe Udell) to run the place.  You don't seem to offer anything but BS accusactions against people who are trying to truly make a difference at the HBR. 

Greg, you were the Manager of the Garage and the word is that you were fired because the parking revenue seemed to be far less that what the spotters reported it should be and a lot of cash seemed to disappear.  Very similar to what you friend and neighbor Jekic was doing at the HBR.  

Why not end the speculation and focus on the real issues. Why don't you focus on all the missing  Timeshare rental revenues over the last 5 years?  It is no speculation and the fact is  that almost $250K per year disappeared and nobody appears concerned as you would rather speculate about the Fisher Board than offer anything of value.  How about the $800K that is reported to be owed to the HHBR,LLC from the HBHOA Timeshare? How is it even possible for Timeshare to owe $800K to a bar and hotel operation? You should be asking questions and speculating about this rather than what you are reporting as speculation. 

Greg, I would be more worried about the missing money and our diverted condo fees than your speculation that Fisher is somehow going to convert timeshare untis to condo units.  The conversion can't be done so your speculation is nothing more than speculation.  Fisher has a plan to save and rebuild the Timeshare.  Go Read the post from other owners who received an opinion from lawyers that outline why it is impossible to convert the Timeshare to Condos. 

Greg, it is no speculation, it is a fact that when you were manager of  the Garage and overcharging the Association almost $180K per year, why did you not report this to the Association? I can only offer the same type of BS speculation that you so easily throw out there against Schecher, Fisher, and anyone trying to make a difference at the HBR, the facts are that we (Association) was grossly overcharged under your watch as Garage Manager and you, as a unit owner, never once brought this to the attention of the HBR Board. 

Fisher is taking legal action against the garage and he has the backup to support all the overcharging that took place while you were in charge of the Garage. The lawyers are going over it and my bet is that you will be brogught into the lawsuit as the former Garage Manager.  It looks like there was almost $800K in overcharges in just a short period of time and this will all soon come out in the lawusuit. 

More speculation- where have you been working since you were fired from the garage? BS Speculation is that you don't have to work anymore because you took enough $$$ from the garage before being fired that you don't need a job or maybe you are independily wealthy like Ken Levy?  There are also reports that your wife lost her job as Property Manager about the same time you were fired from the Garage. Do you know what the speculation regading her losing her job was?

Hey, Lets all do some speculation and attack Fisher for trying to get the $$$ taken from the Association back.  Lets attack Fisher for trying to reduce the liability exposure for the Association without knowing all the related facts. Let's attack the Fisher people for having the courage to listen to me and fire Michael Fisher's best friend and his wife.  I call them the Texas Mafia, you remember Wanda and Ken and her SIX MILLION DOLLAR brother than was living in a Timeshare Unit for FREE.  Yea Fisher locked him out and got rid of him also. 

 NO SPECULATION HERE: Fisher has taken legal action against Jekic & Welliver to recover the missing $1.2 Million and from everything I have seen, the Fisher Board is working to solve problems at the HBR. They have been open and honest with me and my investigations into what is really happening at the HBR. Fisher has taken legal action to recover all the overcharges and double charges from the Garage and Fisher has proven to me that he will at least listen to Owners' Concerns. Who besides me botherd to pick up the phone and make an appointment to meet with Fisher to have an open and honest conversation regarding what was actually taking place at the HBR?

Today, You make it seem like the Board and Property Manager would not answer any of your questions.  This was the first Board Meeting that I have attended since 2010 and your statements misrepresnt the truth about this issue.  In reality, the Manager invited you to her office to review any documents and she also explained that the meeting agenda did not include a Q&A Session but you were invited to list every quesiton and the Board or Managment would get all the answers or documents you requested.  Go watch the video you were taking and you can play back her offer to present questions and visit her office to review or copy any requested documents.  The Board President even offered to go over the bids with you. 

Gee, I guess it is easier to cast doubt with "speculation" and cause trouble rather than report that Owners were told that they can request answers and documents from the Board thru the Property Manager and her office.

I am also working to get the Board to appoint me as the Owner's Communication Officer for the Board and I will get all the answers to all the questions owners have regarding anything related to the official business of the HBHOA. 

Intelligent people do not speculate they make sound decisions based upon facts and only after weighing the related economic consequences of making a particular decision will a dicesion be made.  The key word is "intelligent" not "speculation" 



The critics, about 3 or 4, are busy throwing stones at everything the Fisher Board is trying to accomplish and even KW Management has recently become a target.  This Group is now trying to get 15% of Owners to sign a petition because of their assumption of “Voter Fraud”. We have a small group of owners who are very active posting between themselves trying to list everything that they perceive as WRONG at the HBR. 

We have one owner that enjoys cutting and pasting what others say so he can correct everyone with his own opinion.  It appears that this small Group of Super Critical Owners have not taken the time to schedule any meetings with Board Members, Management, or anyone else for that matter.  They just BLOG about what they don’t like and what they want to change but they don’t offer any suggestions or alternative solutions for the change they want.

This same Group attacks Schecher because Schecher brought up the issue and history of Proxy Voting 

Schecher replied to this Group of Owners

Schecher wants to bring back Proxies - or does he ?

Schecher wants to avoid the expense of another lawsuit and that is the reason he brings up the issue of Proxies and there illegal termination. 

Avoid the next $100,000 legal bill or risk another lawsuit and maybe the termination of the HBHOA’s Insurance or the ability to purchase insurance at any reasonable price, or at all, because of all the insurance claims and lawsuits over the last 5 years.

WHAT?-  OK, here is the situation.  The HBHOA Documents are very clear on this matter.  Nominations for the Board are to be taken at the Annual Meeting.  For over 30 years the names were listed on a Board for all owners in attendance to see and once the nominations were closed the vote would take place. - This was the procedure set according to the HBHOA Documents and remained in place for over 30 years until Jekic illegally changed it.

LEGAL POINT:  Jekic changed to procedure from allowing Proxies to be used at the HBHOA Annual Meeting once all the Candidates are know and listed on the Board at the Annual Meeting.  Jekic required a secret vote that must be mailed or returned before the meeting takes place and before the candidate nominations are taken from the floor.  It makes it impossible for any candidate nominated from the floor to win.  This is a form of clear voter discrimination and a direct violation of the HBHOA Condo Documents. Jekic illegally changed the procedure and required all the votes from out of town owners to be secret and cast before the meeting and before the nominations from the floor is taken.  

LAWSUIT:  Now Mr. Lawsuit waiting to happen, is nominated from the floor during the 2016 HBHOA Annual Meeting and his name is on the slate as a qualified candidate but nobody who would vote for him has the ability to do so because Jekic changed to voting procedure and took away the proxy which is necessary and follows the nominations from the floor.  Lawsuit is filed, cost of defense could run as high as $100,000 and the liability exposure or damages could also be huge when you consider discrimination and punitive damages associated with the claim.  Who pays?  Every Owner at the HBR. 

Schecher brings up the issue of proxy votes for the above reasons, not because he wants proxy votes.  Schecher wants to avoid more costly legal action.  Worse, what if a non-owner runs for the HBHOA as permitted by our Documents and gets nominated from the floor?  Guess What? We can be held hostage by a discrimination claim brought by non-owners.

Now why don’t the critics think about this and maybe cut and paste some more information to address this situation.  Go back and double check your facts and maybe you might see what Schecher is really saying before it is simply too late. 


GREG WARD, former Parking Garage Manager  - announces on the Owners Forum that  he will be running for the Board and he can fix everything but does not tell anyone how.  Claims Schecher represents a DEAD END for owners. 

Schecher responds . .

Please explain what you mean by Dead End ?  It's great news that you are going to run for the Board but can you be more specific and list the problems and issues you are going to address and fix along with your background and experience level that would sway owners to pick and vote for you ?

What have you been doing and where have you been working after getting fired by the Parking Garage? How will you handle the current litigation against the Garage for owners to get back all the overcharges which are in the tens of thousands that took place when you were the Garage Manager?

You are blaming the Fisher Board for a lot of things but how many meetings have you had with the Fisher Board or KW Management regarding all the problems you want to fix as a Board Member?  Do you feel that you are on the same social-economic level as those in Hollywood responsible for all the change around us? Are you friends with the Mayor or other City Officials who can help move the HBR forward once we clean up our own house? Did you approach the Board to negotiate getting yourself or any of your supporters placed on the Board?  You are passing around a petition to challenge the upcoming election and have the State appoint someone to oversee our elections- what has KW or anyone else done to indicate the election will contain FRAUD and requires Government intervention? Why did you not do the same when Jekic refused to close the election meeting for almost two months until you and other of his supporters could collect ballots to illegally eliminate the right of HBHOA owners to vote from the FLOOR and use proxies?

You will have my vote but I need to know who you are, what makes you qualified, what City connections you have as well as contacts to make things better and push the HBR along. 

Greg, it all comes down to- what are you going to do different than the current Board Members who have started the process of cleaning house, removing the Texas Mafia, and taking legal action to recover over $1 Million in illegally diverted condo fees?   What is you plan to continue their efforts and  how are you going to recover all the diverted fees from your friend and neighbor Jekic or your former employer, especially when you were the Manager when all the over-charging was taking place? 

Greg, remember you supported Jekic and his illegal actions and attacked Schecher and continue to attack Schecher in light of the fact that everything Schecher was saying about the illegal LLC has been proven true.  What will you do to get the Depositions of Jekic and other released from the “confidential status” put on them from the court by the lawyers representing Jekic and Welliver who do not want the truth to be known and you make no mention of the missing $1.2 Million or the bogus due to/due from accounting created by Jekic to mask the missing money and diverted fees.  How are you going to handle the theft of rental revenue by the Condo Program manager or the total bankruptcy of the bar which had employees selling more drugs than food out of the kitchen?

I would hope every owner running for the Board will consider the issues and the challenges they will face the day after being elected.  What Owner in his or her right mind is willing to spend 60 hrs per week overseeing or managing a bar.  What Owner can even be at the property on a daily basis to address the issues? The world knows that no bar can be successful unless the Owner is willing to spend at least 60 hrs per week working at the bar.  Void of trusted family members, there is no chance of success for any bar with absentee management.  The 101 Ocean Pub is a problem, who is ready to spend the time and energy to fix it? 

Greg, I would suggest you stop throwing rocks at others who are at least trying and give us the specifics of your platform as a candidate and what you plan on doing different. 

_____________________  MAKE HBR GREAT AGAIN _________________

THE YEAR IN REVIEW (2015-2016)

 Where are we going?

Partial List of what took place in 2015

HBR YEAR IN REVIEW  Highlights from 2015

Annual Election Won by the Fisher Family and a new Board replaced the Jekic Board

Fisher Board has a majority of seats filled by Fisher family members and friends 

HBR Owners Group protest stating Board is stacked with Non-Owners

Reality = Fisher Family & Friends are corporate representatives representing the 20+ units owned by the Fisher Family

HBHOA Documents allow non-owners to run for the Board and win seats

Ken Levy is appointed Board President and his wife Wanda also is a Board Member

Wanda resigns from the Board to take charge of the HHBR,LLC

Schecher is in Federal Court fighting to recover diverted condo fees for Owners

Schecher discovers and reports Wanda Levy is receiving $70K per year salary from HHBR,LLC

Schecher’s lawyer deposes Wanda in lawsuit to get answers to HHBR,LLC finances

Wanda testifies under oath that she knows nothing about the HHBR,LLC finances 

The lawyers for the Defense (Jekic, Welliver, others) files to have the Court mark all depositions confidential.  They do not want the truth to be public knowledge

Schecher’s Suit is dismissed from Federal Court (RICO LAWSUIT) by Judge

Dismissal eliminates the chance of recovering $3.5 Million for HBR Owners

Judy Tower cheers and makes announcement of Lawsuit Dismissal

Cloey reports to HBR Owners that the LLC is making money and asks to give Wanda a chance

Wanda testifies under oath that she has no hotel or bar experience but she gets paid $70K

Schecher reaches a settlement with the Defense Team (Jekic, Welliver, others) and agrees not to take any future legal action against them

HBR Owners create an Owners Forum but only about 50 Owners review or participate on it

HBR Owners continue to write to Ken Levy and ask critical questions regarding the HBR

Ken Levy does not respond to HBR Owner emails or letters

Fisher Board moves forward addressing building issues like air-conditioning, wifi, contract fraud but nobody informs owners seeking answers and status reports - No Open & Honest Communication from Board to Owners

Fisher Board files lawsuit against Jekic & Welliver to recover money illegally diverted from HBHOA to fund the HHBR,LLC

Fisher Board files lawsuit against the Garage Owner for inflating annual costs and fraudulently billing the HBHOA

Andrew Fisher resigned from the HBR Board of Directors claiming conflict of interest with lawsuit being considered against Association for failure to preform as promised in regards to the sale\purchase of the second floor CU2 and the 40 year certification for the second floor

Fisher Lawsuit-The CU2 Unit stops paying maintenance fees until the lawsuit can be settled or an agreement reached.  Claiming Jekic took the Fisher sale proceeds and did not complete the building repairs necessary for the 40 year certification that would give the “CO” (Certificate of Occupancy) to the second floor.  The Second Floor is uninhabitable and unsafe in certain areas.

Fisher meets with Schecher in an effort to end lawsuits, eliminate financial exposure to Association, and combine the Front Desk Hotel Operation - Deal falls apart and does not happen

Fisher people attack Schecher with false claims posted on Owners Forum and Schecher responds with facts and figures to discredit those attacking him

Wanda Levy hires her brother to become bar manager and posts that he has a $6 Million Oil Business in Texas 

Wanda Levy’s brother moves into a timeshare unit at the HBR pays no rent

Wanda reports the bar is making money and no money is being taken from Owners even after paying $20K for live entertainment and new furniture for the bar

Reports come in that Wanda’s brother is comping drinks to people coming in from DP’s bar next door and allowing drugs to come into the bar rather than making the improvements announced by Wanda

HHBR,LLC manager informs Wanda of the Scam which allows the Front Desk to make owner’s rental revenue disappear - Wanda does nothing to correct the problem and the theft continues by management

Schecher posted that the HHBR,LLC has a porn star and professional escort as Front Desk Manager who is also living in a timeshare unit and from internet posts may have been running her escort services from her HBR room.

Schecher takes road trip to Hollywood to speak with those in power to express his concerns regarding the theft of owners money, the illegal HHBR,LLC formation, and Schecher offers help with the pending lawsuits to recover HBR Owners’ diverted fees now approaching $1.2 Million

HBR Owners do nothing about the bogus accounting of the HHBR,LLC even when the books show that the Association owes $800K to Wanda’s LLC.  

HBR Owners do nothing to address the fact that Oceanwalk Mall received $200K from the Foreclosure Sale when they should have received nothing- Another Jekic Deal that cost the HBHOA and all owners

Wanda makes a new post on Owners Forum to claiming the $800K represents management fees due the HHBR,LLC  - NOT POSSIBLE says Schecher.

Ken Levy gets Cloey to certify the HHBR,LLC Books are ok but nobody but Schecher reports Wanda and her brother are taking out over $100K from the LLC.

HBR Owners do nothing as the operators of the LLC continue to drain the HBHOA bank accounts and continue the bogus accounting that is not certified by a CPA only Cloey.

Ken Levy says that the $220K collected was never spent and will be used by the HBHOA for chillers and other building issues but nobody can find the money in any bank account while Cloey reports all is fine. 

Schecher tries to unite residential unit owners and the commercial unit owners in an effort to work together and focus on the HBR property issues and the other real issues for the HBHOA

Schecher talks with residential owners and Schecher talks with the Fisher Camp

Fisher listens to Schecher and agrees to review the Owner concerns and take corrective action to protect all owners 

Fisher Board takes action to (1) Remove Wanda Levy from LLC (2) Remove people living in the building without paying rent (3) Review and take corrective actions regarding the LLC theft of owners’ rental revenue (4) Open the door to constructive change 

Schecher reports to HBR Owners but some die hard owners are only willing to offer criticism rather than get on the bus moving towards a better HBR

CURRENTLY IN THE WORKS: Fisher Board is trying to (1) Settle all outstanding lawsuits for the benefit of the Association (2) Take legal action against Jekic & Welliver to recover Owners’ diverted fees (3) Take legal action against the garage for tens of thousands of dollars of overcharges and charges that should not have been paid by the HBHOA Association. (4) Improve the Condo Rental Program with changes that benefit both the Association and Owners (5) Review and address the illegal status of the Oceanwalk Mall and Financial Guarantee 

-------------------  The Year is not over but progress requires everyone to unite and work together ----------------


   Take Action - Stop talking to each other and start talking to those in Power 

Writing to Ken Levy to complain about things might be considered the "First Step" but when you repeatly get no answer and your questions recive no response from the Board President, it is time for change.  When you have a Board President with a wife who is pulling down a $70,000 per year salary for a job she is not qualified to have, it is time for change.

I took the time and rather than talking to fellow owners about what they think is happening, I took a road trip to Hollywood to discover what is actually happening and as before, I started pushing for change that includes but is not limited to: (1)  a new Board President more responsive to Owners  (2) a new person or manager with experience who can manage the bar operation. (3) Positive Guest Experience which means addressing the issue of the Front Desk managment and theft and diversion of owners' money

I was contacted and talked with what many would consider a "Whistle Blower" and this person informed me of what the real financial pictue was for the HHBR,LLC and how money was being stolen and diverted.  What she said, checked out and I am happy to report that the Condo Front Desk Scam was recently shut down by Andrew Fisher and Lana Fisher when they swept in and took over the operational control of the HHBR,LLC. 

Time will tell just how responsive the Fisher people will be but I firmly believe that the time is NOW and the change must take place before the Christmas Holiday.  More important, a big part of the change needs to be on the part of the Owners who enjoy talking with each other and coming to concusions about the HBR void of any factual information. Owners need to stop the rumor mill and check the facts before posting and flaming the fire with comments on rumors that are simply not true.

I am person that makes things happen.  I am not the guy that sits on the sideline and wonders why things happen.  I need the support of all my fellow owners in the upcoming elections to make change a reality in 2016..  We need a responsible Board of Directors and we need a Board of Directors that will make positive change the #1 priority at the HBR.

The good news - in less than a week after my visit to Hollywood, I see positive change already happening and I see things being addressed in a professional manner and most important I see real change that benefits everyone.  

I recently had a conference call with the Hollywood Beach Garage Owner and the Developer of Margaritaville and we spoke about possible future plans and "good news" for the HBR Owners.  I will be emailing all Owners with an update on this.

I pledge my efforts for the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to do everything in my power to make positive change at the HBR.  My goal is to work with all sides and especially the HBR Board with a focus on uniting all owers (Commercial, Residential, and Timeshare) with a common election platfiorm and pledge for propety improvements in 2016.  Our common goal should be to reduce or end the financial crisis created by the Jekic-Welliver Administration and their HHBR,LLC.

We need to focus on the Hotel Program and the Bar Operation and if the Fisher Board listens and evaluates what is best, I believe there is a chance they may agree and move to reduce or eliminate the financial burden created by the LLC.  The Fisher Board has already taken legal action against both the Jekic-Welliver Administration and the Garage Owner to recover serious money for the HBHOA.  I believe what they have started is a major step in the right direction and they are starting to gain my trust and support as I discover what is really being done compared to what owners think is bieng done.

So far, I like what I see happening at the HBR and I hope the Fisher Board continues to listen and take action after discovering the facts and more and more of the thruth about what Jekic started by illegally putting every owner into the bar and hotel business.  

Good News- We have our AC back working and we have wifi up and running.  The television situtation is easy to understnad because modern equipment does not work with old outdated analog television sets and old outdated analog television sets do not belong in hotel rooms offered for rent.  The cost of a new digital flat screen television is nominal compared to the tremendous saving the Association realized on the monthly cable bill.

I'm sorry if your analog televison no longer works but most people already have flat screens in their rooms as does most evey hotel room in America. As one of the older owners in the Association, I remember the days when every owner had their own telepone and their own cable hard wired to their own room.  There was no wifi and every owner not on the Renal Program either had no phone or contacted Southernbell to get a phone. Cable television was also only available on an individual basis.

IS THE HHBR,LLC Legal and operating according to Florida Law? What needs to be done to fix what Jekic & Welliver created to circumvent Florida Condominium Law?  Everyone can be held liable because both Associations are listed as “Managing Members” and this means everyone is at risk.  We need a living person to be authorized to run the LLC.

What does Attorney Stefan Rubin say about our HHBR,LLC?

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, all of the nearly 800,000 limited liability companies operating in Florida will have to live by new rules that should command the attention of any LLC member, manager, attorney, accountant, or adviser. 

If your LLC has not done so already, this is the time to review and possibly change the LLC’s articles of organization and operating agreement.

Ignoring those changes could put you at risk. The Revised Florida Limited Liability Act, signed into law in June 2013 as new Chapter 605 of the Florida Statutes, creates new concepts, closes loopholes and modernizes the laws. But it also creates potential personal liability.

Since the new act’s signing into law, its provisions have been phased in. All LLCs formed so far this year have already been governed by the new act. LLCs that have been in business in Florida since before Jan. 1, 2014, have had this entire year to get their affairs in order to be ready for the new act to apply. Come Jan. 1, 2015, all LLCs will have to abide by the new act.

LLCs, of course, have much to commend them. LLCs are gaining broad acceptance among venture capitalists, private equity groups and the broader investment community. Unlike corporations, LLCs offer a flexible management structure and limited liability for owners. They also offer “pass-through taxation” — that is, they are taxed like sole proprietorships or partnerships, with income flowing directly to the members. And they offer the same limited liability protections as corporations. Perhaps most importantly, since the late 1990s, LLCs have been exempt from Florida’s corporate income tax. That exemption coupled with their flexibility has led directly to their explosive growth.

So popular are they that Florida now has more LLCs than corporations. As of this past October, 794,291 LLCs were active in the state, versus 723,796 corporations. Since 2008, more new LLCs than corporations have formed in Florida each year. In 2013, 178,565 LLCs were formed in Florida, versus 102,305 corporations. Consequently, LLCs’ supremacy in number grows by the month.

Some of the changes in the new act were to eliminate ambiguities and to lessen litigation risk for conscientious LLCs. Among the highlights:

The number of “nonwaivable operating agreement provisions” — or, if you will, LLC no-no’s — has increased from six to 17. These 17 nonwaivable provisions will not be enforced in a court of law even if they are written in black and white in a signed LLC operating agreement. Many LLC operating agreements drafted before the new act was enacted might very well include sections that no longer can apply.

The new act completely abolishes the concept of “managing-members” in Florida. All LLCs in Florida are either member-managed (more like a general partnership, where each member might have an equal vote on company affairs) or manager-managed (like a corporation, where the members elect one or more managers, who can also be members, and those managers control the company’s affairs). Under Florida’s prior LLC laws, an LLC that was member-managed (i.e. managed by its members, as opposed to managers) could choose to elect one or more members as "managing-members" and only those managing-members would have special rights to control the LLC. With the new act abolishing that concept, if an LLC today has a “managing-member,” then come Jan. 1 that managing-member will lose any special status and become just another member along with the other members. This issue affects who has the power to act for the LLC, such as executing contracts and borrowing money.

LLCs have always had limitations on when a manager or member can be indemnified, but the new act adds more limitations. For example, with the new law, an LLC cannot indemnify a manager or member for bad faith, willful or intentional misconduct, or a knowing violation of the law. This includes not just taking money from the till without telling your other members, but competing with your own company in the same business by forming another one and soliciting business for it, or usurping business opportunities for yourself rather than bringing them into the LLC. Under the new act, a manager or member can be held personally liable for violating these provisions.

If you make or allow others to make an inaccurate filing with the state, you can be personally liable. For example, if a person or company enters into a contract with an LLC believing that you are the only manager based upon inaccurate filings with the state, when there are actually other managers whose approval is required to obligate the LLC, you can be personally liable, and the contract might be invalidated.

The number of LLC actions which triggers appraisal rights — a right of a member to cause the LLC to purchase its interest — has increased from two to eight. This is more in line with Florida’s corporate laws.

The new act authorizes LLCs to make new kinds of filings with the state that will become public record. An LLC can now file a statement of authority, which clarifies that certain persons have, or do not have, authority to take certain actions on behalf of the LLC. A person who is granted authority in a statement of authority can file a statement of denial, publicly refusing such authority. Members who dissociate from an LLC can file a statement of dissociation to put the world on notice. If a person ceases to be a manager of an LLC, they can now file a statement of resignation with the state.

Lenders should also be aware of the new act changes. It is now more important for lenders to review a borrower LLC’s operating agreement. The new act allows an LLC to condition any amendments to its operating agreement on the approval of a third party, such as a lender. It also permits a person to be a member of an LLC even if that person has no right to share in any profits or distributions. Under the new act, a lender or creditor can no longer request a court to judicially dissolve an LLC. The new act also adds a method for a dissolving LLC to dispose of unknown claims, similar to what was added to Florida’s corporate laws years ago.

The new act includes many other changes that affect an LLC’s internal governance and relationships with its members.

Some of the changes in the new act are designed to make sure that all LLC members and managers remain honest and transparent in their dealings with their partners and with those with whom they do business.

Normal laziness involving your business is never advisable, but even less so this year. When you get that postcard or electronic notice from the state in early 2015 requiring the annual LLC renewal and filing fee by May 1, it is natural to just blindly submit payment without looking at the details. This time, to spare your LLC from unintended consequences, check the LLC’s report to ensure any manager information is correct and up to date.

With the new act taking effect, all LLCs in Florida should review their operating agreements, articles of organization and even their 2015 annual reports from the state with their lawyers and accountants who are fully up to speed on the law. As mentioned before, unless an LLC intentionally wants all members to have a proportionate say on company business matters, the LLC members should designate one manager or a group of managers for the LLC and state that in its articles, operating agreement and 2015 annual report. This clarifies authority and removes some potential liability from the members.

Some of the new act’s other features include expanding the number of definitions from 26 to 69, adding requirements on filing derivative actions, and clarifying when a member may make a direct rather than derivative action. (This past July, the Third District Court of Appeal clarified the law further in a groundbreaking 25-page decision successfully argued by my Miami colleague Stephen Ebner, sharply restricting the standard for filing direct actions in an LLC to a rigorous two-pronged test.)

While the new act may seem complicated, its intent is to simplify and modernize. It was drafted as a joint effort of the Florida Bar’s Business Law Section, Tax Section and Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section. Many provisions of the old LLC act were kept intact, but the provisions that are new or were revised are substantial. It all comes down to common sense, decency and reasonable vigilance — in short, doing the right thing.

Schecher says THE TIME IS NOW- between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when all owners must come together and discover a new approach to making things happen at the HBR.  Making things happen is defined as “Positive Change” and “Positive Change” means improving the property which means air-conditioning, WiFi, and a new very positive guest experience.  Owners united with the Mall Owners working to improve the property conditions which means improving the first floor mall which represents the “first impression” many visitors experience when arriving at our property for the very first time. 

The 2016 Election is critical and it is important that the Florida Condo Law be followed when it comes to electing Board Members.  The Residential Unit owners, according to Florida Condo Law, must occupy the majority of seats on the HBR Board.  THIS IS THE LAW and it must be followed.  It is the responsibility of KW Management to guide the HBR Board in preparing and running the upcoming 2016 Election.

It is time for the various groups of owners offering opinions and criticism to get behind the Owners willing to provide an agenda that will address the problems and issues that face everyone at the HBR today.  It is time for residential unit owners to sit down with the Fisher people and simply TALK out the issues and listen to what is being done rather than talking about what they “think” is happening.

WORDS OF WISDOM (EXPERIENCE):  Don’t put your name on the 2016 HBR Candidate list unless you are qualified and have the time necessary to be at the property on a regular basis and address the real issues and problems.  Don’t run for the Board unless you have knowledge and experience as a business professional with hotel experience, timeshare experience, and general corporate experience in directing a company (Our Association) with a multi-million dollar budget, employees, and real property problems associated with a 90 year old building located directly on the beach.  We need people with experience, we don’t need people that can’t hit the ground running or people without the business skills that include contract negotiation as well as the ability to review and understand all sides of every issue which includes understanding the Fisher-Levy Board and the group of owners with more opinions than solutions.

Watch Video in Full Screen Mode for best viewing 


Ken Levy recently provided what HBR Owners have been asking for - Open & Honest Communication.  The recent correspondence sent by President Ken Levy addressed several issues of great concern for all owners.  But there are still some serious questions that require specific answers:

Q1- Listed For Sale

The Timeshare weeks were listed for sale under our Administration for months.   Ken, Can you please provide some backup to show where the Timeshare weeks were listed for sale?  Owners would like details regarding who listed the weeks and what efforts were made to sell them.

Q2.- Timeshare Sales Contract Details

The only requirements made by the Buyer were that:  1) The existing furniture be sold to them at Closing for $1. In reality the furniture is already scheduled for replacement and if not sold to the Buyer at Closing, the Association would have to pay to dispose of the furniture, and 2) That the Buyer not Close until the Association owned 10 Completed Units.   Ken, you list only two (2) requirements that are pretty clear but you do not mention the key factor of timeshare conversion of weeks into condo units.  It was previously stated that this was one of the conditions for the sale.  Now you clearly say it is not.  Which is the case?

Also, more important, you do not reference the payment of the timeshare fees once condition #2 is met and the deal officially closes.  Ken, once the sale closes, according to the HBHOA Condo Documents, the buyer will become responsible for the weekly maintenance fees currently around $850 per week.  This means upon closing Andrew Fisher would be paying ($850 x 52weeks x 10 units).  This represents a maintenance fee of $442,000 annually for the purchased weeks.  How is this addressed in the sale contract?  Why do you fail to mention this critical element of the sale?

Q3. - LLC and how to legally dissolve it without risk

Past Boards have placed an enormous economic hardship on the Association by illegally acquiring a Restaurant and Hotel Program.  We have explored breaking the lease, but have been advised by counsel that breaking it may lead to a $7.5 Million judgment against the Association and each of its owners. As a board we must protect your investment, not gamble with it.   

Ken, the most logical approach for the LLC and its termination would be to have the Association attorney go to court for a “Declaratory Judgement”.  Odds are that the Court will award one when the facts are presented and even more so when it can be shown that Florida Condo Law has been violated making the contract unenforceable under current Florida Law.  Following this approach, we would only be paying rent for a couple of months until the Judge rules and if the Judge rules in the favor of the HBHOA, we all save $7.5 Million plus, plus.    What you are promoting is not logical and I personally find it very difficult to believe that a qualified attorney would not advise you on alternatives other than paying the $7.5 Million in rent.  I know a dozen local attorneys that would take the case and all believe they would win in court for the HBHOA.  How can you say that “doing nothing” is not a good option.


Dear HBR Board of Directors   Attention: Ken Levy

Dear Ken,

I fail to see why it is necessary for you to repeatedly reference my name in your HBR Board Correspondence.  I view your latest reference to me as nothing more than another pathetic and  feeble  attempt on your part to discredit or defame my name and reputation to my fellow 300+ owners.  I fail the see the logic behind your repeated slanderous attacks directed to discredit my name and reputation using false information and\or outright lies as it severs no constructive purpose to lie to owners regarding the facts at the HBR.  

Ken, at this point,  I am not certain if you are just ignorant of the facts or if you are nothing more than a  basic liar because nothing you are writing about me closely resembles the truth.  Do you fear the truth so much that you find it necessary to try to discredit me with false information rather than answer owners’ repeated questions and requests for information.  Ken, you are a true piece of work.

Ken, your latest reference to me (Schecher) as being a party responsible for passing a 40 yr certification assessment and failing to complete or process the 40 year certification is a total fabrication and what you say is not supported by the HBHOA Documents and Official Financial Audit dated May 31, 2013.  Simply put, what you are telling Owners about Schecher is not true  and not supported by the HBHOA Documents.

Ken, again your attempts to slander my name and reputation has again backfired in your face.  A simple review of  the HBHOA Financial Audit Notes dated May 31, 2013  (Page 14) indicates:  (1) There was never any Special Assessment for the 40 year certification while I (Schecher) was a member of the HBR Board (2)  The Assessments done by my (Schecher) administration were collected and used for the assessment items which included the interior renovation of the building, the painting of the building, and the new roof.  - See Audit Notes

Ken, please read the enclosed page 14 from the HBHOA Audit Statement dated May 31, 2013 and you will clearly see that you are wrong again and I am still waiting for your apology from your first slanderous email  written to my fellow condo owners.  This is #2 Ken, and it is getting old. 

KEN - [CLICK HERE] Read the HBHOA Financials and please email me your apology.  The HBHOA Records do not correspond to what you are trying to make owners believe about me (Schecher).  



  1. Rental Program - no cost to Association
  2. O’Malley’s Ocean Pub - no cost to Association
  3. Management Plan - Oceanwalk was never delinquent - recycled management fees that never left the HBHOA property.  
  4. Property Values - rose from $39,900 to over $150,000
  5. Rental Income - Ramada generated $7 Million for owners to share
  6. Timeshare - Receive no less than $100K in rental income
  7. Property Condition - New roof, New Elevators, New Paint, New Interior Renovations
  8. HBHOA Financial - Cleaned up and approved to qualify for Bank Loan
  9. Condo Meetings - Open meetings held in public all owners invited
  10. Building Condition- Franchise Standard with air-conditioning
  11. WiFi - provided for FREE by Ramada Owner to all HBR Owners
  12. Condo Pool - Free towels, attendants, lounge pads, safe & secure


  1. Rental Program - cost Association millions
  2. 101 Ocean Pub - cost Association $220,000 per year
  3. Management Plan - Delinquent Second Floor Owner files lawsuit
  4. Property Values - Record Low, owners selling out to get out
  5. Rental Income - Decreased by $5 Million compared to Schecher’s Ramada Program
  6. Timeshare - Revenue disappeared and now owes LLC $800,000- How is this possible?
  7. Property Condition - Horrific, no acceptable air-conditioning for over 6 months
  8. HBHOA Financials -  Millions Missing,Declared Confidential - Board avoids providing owners with copy, Can’t qualify for credit from any place
  9. Condo Meetings - Run by non-owners and filled with half truths
  10. Building Condition - Horrific, no wifi, no amenities, noting to attract guests
  11. WiFi - Controlled by Wanda Levy and offered on a select basis only
  12. Condo Pool- No towels, No lounge pads, No attendants, No Safe access,

TEAM SCHECHER - Working to make a difference 


The Truth eludes the Fisher-Levy Board as they attacked Schecher in a recent slanderous email sent by the HBR Board of Directors. Nothing stated in the email even closely resembled the truth.   Why ? 


Schecher did not bring any claims against the Associations in the RICO Lawsuit. Schecher brought “shareholder derivative” claims on behalf of the all unit owners against certain former members of the Boards of Directors, including Jekie and Welliver. 

Wikipedia provides the following definition of a “Shareholder Derivative” lawsuit:  “A shareholder derivative suit is a lawsuit brought by a shareholder on behalf of a corporation against a third-party. Often, the third-party is an insider of the corporation, such as an executive officer or director.” 

In bringing a “shareholder derivative” lawsuit, the corporation must be named as “nominal defendant,” since it is considered an “interested party,” although no claim for relief is sought against the corporation. Thus, Schecher named the Associations as “nominal defendants,” but sought no claims or relief against them.


A shareholder derivative lawsuit is brought by a shareholder because the persons in charge of the corporation refuse to bring the claims. Schecher pleaded with the former board to bring the claims, but they refused. When the Fisher family bought the second floor, Schecher pleaded with them to bring the claims, starting in _______, but they too refused. Thus, Schecher was forced to bring the claims for the benefit of all owners, incurring substantial costs for the good of all members. 


Schecher deserves a big thank you form the new Board.The new lawsuit basically copied verbatim many of the allegations made by Schecher in the RICO shareholder derivative lawsuit, and copied many of Schecher’s arguments that the Lease is unlawful. 


Schecher welcomes the recent lawsuit brought by the Fisher family, although it should have been brought months ago. However, now that the Fisher family has filed the lawsuit, they are now on official record that the Lease is unlawful. As a result, the new Board cannot possibly comply with their fiduciary duties by continuing to pay on a lease that they are claiming is unlawful. Rather, they must now challenge its validity against the Mall Owner.

An unlawful lease is an unlawful lease. Imagine that a secretary of a corporation signed a multi-million dollar lease with a landlord, without the appropriate approval. The Lease would not be enforceable by the landlord. The same holds true with regard to the Lease with the Mall Owner. Since it is unlawful under the law, it is not enforceable by the Mall Owner. The fact that the Mall Owner is a sophisticated real estate investor and a long term member of the Associations, as opposed to a stranger to the Hollywood Beach Resort, means that it is an insider who should have known that the Lease was unlawful.


The Court did not dismiss Schecher’s breach of fiduiciary duty claims. Thus, Schecher can still  pursue shareholder derivitive claims if the new Board refuses to stand up for the rights of all owners by seeking a determination that the Lease is unenforcable.




 Half Right is the not much different than being Half Wrong.

OPEN and HONEST Communication  its what the Levy Board of non-owners must learn and it is what they should practice. 

What the Fisher-Levy Board tells HBR Owners is simply not true as demonstrated in their last communication regarding the termination of the HHBR, LLC.  You know, the company that pays Ken Levy’s wife and brother almost $100,000 per year in salaries and the company that will be paying the Fisher Family the $7.5 Million in rent when the Fishers buy the first floor of the Mall as they announced to all HBR Owners almost one year ago.

FACT CHECK: What Levy recently told owners in the Board Letter regarding the new litigation against Jekic and Welliver for illegally creating the HHBR, LLC is not wrong, but at best, it is only half right and does not explain the other more realistic and cost effective options available be to the HBHOA as related to the termination of the HHBR,LLC which they now admit is 100% illegal.  

The Fisher-Levy course of action recently explained to HBR Owners does not solve the problem associated with the LLC and at the end of the day, the bottom line cost to go after Jekic and Welliver to prove a point is not logical because the ability of the HBHOA to recover from people who have nothing or very little is not logical or practical.  It is more of an emotional costly decision when there is no deep pocket like a defendant with a insurance policy to pay for the damages won by going to court. 

Schecher claims the Fisher-Levy Board is going after the wrong defendant.  Yes, they are right in taking legal action against both Jekic and Welliver but they have stopped short and must also take legal action against the Law Firm that directed Jekic and Welliver.  

The Law Firm is the deep pocket for recovery of our illegally diverted condo fees which is reported to be over one million dollars and the insurance company defending the Law Firm will be the deep pocket that can return the diverted HBOA fees compared to the empty pockets and limited assets of Welliver and Jekic. 

POINT OF LAW:  The Law Firm should have known what they were advising Jekic and Welliver to do was illegal and they should be held accountable.  This is the direction Schecher and his legal team were moving in the recent RICO law suit and this is the direction the Fisher-Levy Board should be  moving also.  In fact, Schecher has offered to help the Fisher-Levy Board and their attorney in the recent litigation filed by the HBR Associations. Schecher’s legal team has tons of discovery that can help win the case for the HBHOA.

FACT CHECK:  It appears that everything Schecher has been saying over the past 5 years is not only true but all his warnings have become a tragic reality for the HBR Owners.  Moving forward, Schecher has recently advised HBR Owners of two alternatives that are much better than what was outlined in the recent Levy Board Letter, regarding the termination of the LLC.  What Levy’s Board Letter failed to mention is the additional costs above the $7.5 Million in rent that will exist until 2027 unless immediate action is taken to dissolve the LLC.

Some basic facts that the Fisher-Levy Board appears to refuse to consider:

  1. Florida Condo Law is on the side of the HBHOA  - true, all litigation comes with risk but a perfect example on Chanel 7 News was sited by Schecher and posted on his BLOG that illustrate the HBHOA will win in court.
  2. The Court offers a legal alternative in the form of a Declaratory Action which is more logical than the proposal set out by Levy. 
  3. Other superior options exist to minimize the financial impact of the LLC - Schecher has outlined several on his BLOG  and he is willing to work with and assist the Fisher-Levy Board to implement better more cost effective alternatives for all HBR Owners.  GOAL SAVE HBHOA $$$$.
  4. MOST LOGICAL SOLUTION INCLUDES - taking legal action against the law firm that advised Jekic & Welliver on how to circumvent Florida Law.  This option can recover all diverted condo fees from the insurance company of the Law Firm- This is the best option for the HBHOA



KW MANAGEMENT announces a new lawsuit filed by Ken Levy on behalf of the HBHOA and the HBRCA against former Board Members Michel Jekic and Laura Welliver. Just a couple of weeks after Schecher’s Lawsuit was tossed from Federal Court, Ken Levy files a new suit in State Court that is remarkable similar to Schecher’s previous lawsuit.  Where is this all going is yet to be played out but odds are that the HBR Owners who participated on the HHBR, LLC Hotel Program may now be legally obliged to pay back all the bogus rental profits received by the LLC over the past 5 years.  Nothing good on the horizon for Michel Jekic, Laura Welliver, and regretfully the owners who shared in the distribution of false profits while the LLC owes the HBHOA and the HBRCA over one million dollars.  Lawyers are getting rich while HBR Owners are going broke.




What does the future hold for HBR Owners?  Some believe the plan is to drive Condo & Timeshare Owners OFF and OUT as Andrew Fischer continues to buy units using the Association’s “ First Right of Refusal” clause that was never used before in the history of the HBR.

Many now believe Fisher is buying  HBR Owners out for as little as possible using the “First Right Of Refusal” while gaining voting control of the Association.  Next Step for Fisher-Levy: change the Condo Docs and vote to dissolve the Association and sell out to a Developer (THE RELATED GROUP). NEXT- become partners with the THE RELATED GROUP and demolish the building and rebuild and sell new units for somewhere between $550,000 to $1,000,000 and ring up huge profits.  

The only real problem with this plan is that it does not include the HBR Owners.  The Plan is to get rid of HBR Owners and make a PROFIT by buying up everything on the CHEAP.  COULD THIS IS THE BIG PAYOFF IN THE END referenced by Ken Levy?

If you have not already voted, you must vote now

[CLICK HERE]- Vote while there is still time 



RICO CASE IS OVER - Judge dismissed the case in Federal Court. Time for the concerned owners’ group to get more concerned. It appears the battle will move to State Court. 

Judy Tower tells owners it is a great day for US because the RICO Case was dismissed from Federal Court where the Association could have received 3X damages in the recovery of the diverted Condo Fees.  It appears Judy is rooting for those who took our maintenance fees without even asking and does not want the Associations to get their money back.  Ms Judy also thinks Schecher was suing the Associations when he actually was suing on behalf of the members of both Associations and the jury award would have gone to the Associations.  The RICO Jury award could be as high as $3,000,000.  It appears that only Judy Tower could thinks it is a good day for “US” when our chance to recover 3X damages gets moved to the State Court.  Ms Judy must be smoking some of that legal weed in Oregon because only somebody high on something could think it was a good not to be able to recover our diverted condo fees.


HBR Owners watch and lose out as Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort Opens . . .

Rather than spending the last 5 years getting ready to cash in on the over-flow business from Margaritaville by fixing the many problems at the HBR Resort like elevators, air-conditioning, ice machines, WiFi, and more - The HBR Board elected to divert the condo funds designated for repairs to open their own beach bar and hotel company to compete with Margaritaville.  

Just ask any condo or timeshare owner at the HBR Resort one key question:"How’s that working out for  you ? 

HOLLYWOOD BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) -- The long-awaited Margaritaville Resort is ready to open its doors in South Florida.

After seven years of construction, the resort is ready to bring its customers a quality experience. Although there is no set opening day, the resort is piled up with reservations. "This has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to be opening our doors," said Cate Farmer, General Manager of Margaritaville Resort.

The paradise vacation spot is an 18-floor building with eight bars and restaurants as well as three pools with access to the beach. For the thrill seekers, lessons in surfing are available with the FlowRider Double. 

"I think that Margaritaville is such a compliment to the very unique destination that Hollywood is, and it really enhances all that Hollywood has and adds to that," said Farmer. "So I think that's a wonderful fit."


Appoint a Special Master & End the HHBR,LLC

HBR Owners are asked to make their voice heard by casting their vote to:  (1) Petition the Court for a Special Master to end the self-dealing and Mall Dominance  (2) Demand the 2015 Fisher\Levy Board end the skimming & scamming of HBHOA fees by immediately voting to end the HBR,LLC and demand the money due the HBHOA be immediately paid back by those responsible for the illegal diversion of HBHOA fees to fund and finance a bar & hotel company.

If you did not vote to spend millions to finance and fund a beach bar and hotel company, now is the time to vote to end the diversion of your condo fees and demand that you get your money back from those who took it. 

If you did not buy your condo or timeshare week to be placed in the bar and hotel business, now is the time to VOTE and demand your money back because it was taken from you in direct violation of Florida Condo & Timeshare Laws.  



Some HBR Owners are now wondering what does the Welliver Defense Team have against Schecher as they continue down the path first blazed by Michel Jekic and others implying that Schecher stole or embezzled Association Funds during the time he was President.  It now seems that the Defense has taken up the cause and is now implying Schecher  created a complicated web of companies that somehow assisted him in embezzling money from the HBR.

 It appears that certain people may have a real H#@d On for Schecher when you considered Jekic once told a group of HBR Owners that Schecher was going to jail for stealing condo funds but later claimed the Statue of Limitations expired and that is the only reason Schecher is not in jail. Just go back and read the various letters written by the Jekic Board slamming Schecher for being a thief, even after they did a Special Assessment of $200K for lawyers and forensic accountants which resulted in nothing but extra costs for all HBR Owners.  The Jekic Board discovered nothing to remotely indicate that Schecher stole or embezzled money EVER and VP Welliver even testified under oath that this was true. 

It almost looks like they are now trying to say, if Schecher did it, it is perfectly OK for my clients to do the same thing. Can you believe this? 


 I wish you all the best. I can only hope others are showing you the support that they should... I'm rushing now but I'll send you an e-mail which reflects what you are stating. All I know is anyone who would advocate for a SM must not have anything to hide. Peter Filippi  

Unit Number \ TS Week Number: Unit 519Special Master Vote: on
 First with Mr. Jeckic and now with the new board, I am amazed that no financial results are ever released.  It creates an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. I think all parties should work together.  I was happy to see Mr. Fisher's goal to raise rates to Fort Lauderdale average of $83.  But then for me a new owner, this time share issue came out of no where.  I don't know what to think.

Schecher is in Federal Court fighting to protect the rights of all owners. If he wins the Association will recoup all the money skimmed and scammed from owners. Those responsible will be held accountable and it becomes a big win for all owners. 

Please cast your vote to petition the Judge to appoint a Special Master to protect owners and put the Association in the right hands until the court rules 

On Friday, August 21, 2015, Paul Pavilack wrote:

I am a unit owner and my daughter owns a week time share.  I got your email from schechers web site.  I missed the meeting where a $1200 assessment was put on the time shares. Understand it was a loud meeting. My daughter has been up to date on payments up to this point. What are chances the state will examine this  and what are any alternatives. There are accusations of mismanagement and private deals. Can you elucidate.
Thank you
Paul pavilack.   455

Tell Us how you feel about being forced to pay the expenses and cover the losses of the LLC created to go into the bar and hotel business  I am a new owner having bought the unit in 2012.  Mr. Jeckic did the approval interview. My unit had been rented by SG.  Per the advice of the real estate person, I left it that way.  Given what has transpired the last 3 years, I am extremely happy I did.  Even with all the problems, I have been able to break even on costs.  My conclusion, let SG do the whole place.  It is best for HBR.  I know they will work to drive the rates up.



Hello Richard, 

please explain what do You think Owners should do now to avoid crisis in the Hotel.

I agree that Owners should stand up and get a control while its not too late.

I can represent votes of 8 Units Owners who want good changes. Sergio

[REPLY] Thank you for your email.  It is my belief that the HBR Owners need to unite as a Group and do the following:

1.  Vote to support a Special Master to take control of our Association.  This move costs owners nothing and it will or should put a STOP to the skimming and scamming currently taking place with the diversion of our Condo Fees to support a bar and hotel company that benefits nobody but the Mall Owner as Landlord.

2.  Demand that the Levy|Fisher Board put an immediate stop to the HHBR, LLC taking money from the HBHOA and demand that both Associations no longer be the Investor members of the LLC as there was never the legal vote or Board Meeting to approve the HBHOA and the Condo Association from investing in a third party LLC created to circumvent Florida Condo Law and go into the bar and hotel business- This would stop the illegal diversion of condo fees by individuals claiming the LLC is owned by the HBR Owners (Which is not really true).  Consider when any thief is caught they always have a reason for taking your money.  It is how they justify taking what is not theirs.

3.  Owners need to support a Leader that understands the complexity of our Association and one that can bring the real issues in front of the Special Master and the Court.  I have already volunteered to assist in this area and I am willing to lead or give my support to any other person qualified to lead us in this war.

4.  Note- I have been leading the charge to protect owners at my own cost which is now well over $300K.  If I win my lawsuit I should get my legal costs back but the big winners will be the individual condo and timeshare owners because they will get back all the money taken from them by the LLC (Over One Million Dollars) and in Federal Court the damages are 3X (times) so the Association would be in very good financial shape if I win the RICO Case in Federal Court.  FOR THIS REASON ALONE- the owners need to get behind me and support my efforts to take back our Association.

It starts by voting on the website www.hbrresortcondo.com to inform the Court that we demand a Special Master 

Best regards,

Richard, Sr.


Their bark is nothing compared to their bite …

#1 on the countdown is Mr. Ben Heller.  Heller has been the owner of Oceanwalk Mall for well over 10 years and Heller is probably the richest owner in the HBHOA.  Heller hails from NYC where he is the head of Heller Realty.  Heller is a Billionaire by most reports and even according to his own account.   (Schecher, Sr.) has had both the “pleasure” and “displeasure” of meeting with Heller on many occasions over the past 15 years.  Schecher’s first meeting was shortly after Heller purchased the Mall, it took place at a restaurant on South Beach.  Schecher attended with the property manager, Sally Morris, and Schecher remembers that  Heller and his people were over an hour late and Heller was on his cell phone for most of the entire meeting.  Schecher reported leaving the meeting feeling that Heller is the most rude individual he has met in a very long time.  Schecher remembers the second meeting scheduled at Schecher’s private club at Windows of the World on top of the World Trade Center in NYC.  For this meeting Heller did not even show up but sent his #1 front man (David Schonberger).  The third meeting took place at Heller’s NYC office Heller was more interested in showing Schecher his collection of ten thousand dollar bills rather that resolving any issues at the HBR Resort and the HBHOA. For many years Schecher and Heller were in a legal battle over Heller’s failure to pay Oceanwalk’s cleaning and maintenance bill owed to Schecher’s Company.  

#2 on the latest HBR Billboard is Michael Fisher.  Michael is the father of Andrew Fisher and both the money and driving force that makes Andrew tick. Like any good son, Andrew is focused on preforming the tasks given to him by his father.  Schecher was introduced to Michael by Gary Jafee who is reported to be the owner of the Garage.  After their fist meeting Schecher flew to South Florida on several occasions where Michael Fisher picked Schecher’s brain, asked for comments and concerns regarding how Fisher, with Schecher’s help, could make the HBR a better place for everyone.  Michael shared his vision with Schecher  and Schecher reports leaving every meeting believing Fisher is the GUY that Schecher has been waiting for almost 20 years to arrive and Develop the Mall.  Fisher wanted Schecher to become his partner and if Schecher agreed, he would be able to get back the Condo Front Desk.  It appears that Schecher’s problem with Fisher soon became one of real concern because just about everything Fisher promised or agreed to do, he did not do or came up with some excuse as to why he will not act as promised.  Schecher reported to owners that his impression of Fisher is that Fisher was a sincere and honest person.  Today, Schecher claims that feeling is gone.  Fisher is a multi-millionaire many times over and he has solid ties to the Related Group who Schecher met in the past when others were trying to get money from them to redevelop the HBR.  Schecher’s main objection was that the Related Group made it clear in several meetings that the HBR Timeshare must go for their money to flow.  The plan was to get rid of the timeshare, gain control of the Board and eventually drive owners out by increasing the maintenance fees and assessments. In 2009 Schecher put an end to the Deal and many truly believe that is why former property manager Hess and other Board Members worked so hard behind Schecher’s back to drive him out of business and off the property.  Today, that plan or proposal looks very much like what is happening at the HBHOA today. 

#3 the most well know and maybe the most talked about is Richard J. Schecher, Sr..  Schecher has a lot of history at the HBR Resort.  He first purchased one unit on the 4th floor and soon discovered how owners were being ripped off by the Hotel Operator.  He then purchased the Hotel Company and fired everyone in an attempt to right the wrong.  When he purchased the Hotel Company he also discovered that the Hotel Company was providing all the Timeshare Services to the Association since 1987.  Later Schecher  discovered what the Condo Management Company was ripping off the Association and he bid on the contract when it came up for renewal and his Company won the bid.  Schecher was able to unite the property as the owner of the Hotel Company, The Timeshare Management Company, and the Condo Management Company.  This unity was the first step in being able to get a National Ramada Franchise for the building (HBHOA) which Schecher guaranteed with his own personal financial guarantee to Ramada. Once the property was united and the Building became a Ramada, the rental revenue shared by the 250 owners on the Ramada Program rose to over $7 Million Dollars compared to today with he Fisher\Levy Condo Program revenues reported to be a little over $1 Million with 60% of the revenue being generated by the Schecher’s phone number they hijacked before taking over the front desk.   Schecher became the target and the person to blame for everything that went wrong at the HBHOA.  The Plan (Look what we say Schecher is doing while we pick your pockets clean) The problem with blaming Schecher was: (1) Nothing said by the small group of local owners were supported by any backup or evidence.  This is clear from the FDLE Investigation  (2) Schecher took the property from a pink hotel with murphy beds to a Ramada Franchise (3) Schecher united the property and both property values increased to well over $100K for the first time in 10 years and the rental revenue hit record breaking levels (4) Schecher served as Board President longer than any person on earth (5) Schecher devised a scheme to recycle the management fees paid to his company back into the property by maintaining a huge lease obligation with Oceanwalk Mall.  The Mall was never behind in maintenance fees when Schecher was in charge.  Schecher resigned from the Board after his business was attacked by his former property manager, David Hess, and other Board Members.  Schecher lost the Ramada Franchise and was forced to pay the Ramada a huge penalty.  Schecher also took over $100K from his own pocket to make certain every owner on the former Ramada Program was paid.  Most important Schecher’s Company never cost the HBHOA one single penny.  Schecher’s Timeshare Company paid on average $100,000 per year for the rental of vacant units. 

#4  Judy Tower.  Judy is a lady that everyone seems to know because she spends so much time at the pool.  From her emails it appears that the pool is a very important issue for her and rightfully so.  Sadly, when the pool was being cut out with “Asset Protection” ownership changes being made by Oceanwalk Mall, Judy had no clue.  She was to busy writing about the lack of umbrellas to realize the pool has been transferred to a new entity and is no longer owned by the Commercial Unit Owner CU1 or CU2 at the HBHOA.  This is a fact yet we still pay a 41% rebate to CU1 and CU2.  CU2 is owned by Fisher and is now delinquent again.  Judy may be a wonderful person with the best of intentions but Judy just does not get it and her background and age simply will not allow her to keep pace with or play with the Big Dogs.  Allowing Judy to give direction as to what is best at the HBHOA would be like asking your car mechanic to preform open heart surgery.  

#5  Cloey is another one of the Golden Girls and again another owner with the best intentions but simply someone who is not able to understand the real issues as they exist.  She claims to be working with the new Fisher\Levy Board and auditing the LLC and Association Books.  I’m sorry but most intelligent owners do not want a Condo Owner doing the audit. They want an independent outside 3rd party CPA Firm that can be held accountable if the audit is not done correctly.  Cloey reports that HBR Owners must give the new Fisher\Levy Board a chance she does not make any reference to the Accountant’s big red warning on the Association Financial Reports warning of possible illegal activity.  She makes no reference to the missing Timeshare revenue or the bogus Due To\Dud From accounting that has millions due from one account to another account and both accounts have basically no money and millions missing.  

#6  Other Owners ?  The question becomes who is best to represent the HBR Owners as a united Group?  What owner in our Association has the time and resources to not only run with but bite back the Big Dogs who control the HBHOA?  What Owner has hotel experience, timeshare experience, and the knowledge of the HBHOA?   Pick from the 6 options above and lets all get on the same bus and make the journey from devastation to revitalization.  How many people know that Schecher is in Federal Court and if he wins the only real winers are the individual owners who have been paying the bills for the Big Dogs.  Schecher does not really benefit from the lawsuit compared to the HBR Owners he is fighting to protect.  Read the lawsuit and check out the facts. 

Silent Majority needs to speak up …NOW !

Many HBR Owners are now very upset with the new Fisher\Levy Board of Directors for a number of very good reasons.  To use a phase Donald Trump might say to describe the actions of the HBR Board- The Fisher\Levy Board are doing some very stupid things and appear to be catering to the demands of Andrew Fisher rather than upholding their fiduciary duty to protect the Association.  Come on, give me a break.  You have a Condo Board of Directors with the majority vote controlled by Andrew Fisher thru his family and friends.  NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST- Right!  How stupid or crazy are Florida Condo Owners anyway? You have Andrew’s step mother on the Board, Andrew’s father’s best friend, his sister and\or brother-in-law, and another non-related Spanish speaking person who lives outside of the country and you have the Board President’s wife resigning from the Board and now running the LLC that nobody voted to approve or wanted while she and her brother are rumored to be collecting salaries approaching $150,000?.  Are you crazy?  Don’t your realize what Fisher wants Fisher gets.  Where is the fiduciary responsibility of the  HBR Board of Directors with Andrew in the Condo Office giving direction to condo employees and management as if he is King or still on the Board. 

Breach of Fiduciary Duty- How is this possible?  The latest example is the recent vote to give the timeshare weeks to Andrew Fisher based upon a deal that does absolutely nothing to improve the timeshare owners or the Association.  It is a deal that allows Andrew Fisher to lock up the timeshare for an indefinite period of time using money that may eventually have to be returned to him if he is unable to get 10 units by: (1) collecting 52 weeks in a single unit and (2) converting these weeks from timeshare to condo in direct violation of our Association Documents. In addition the Fisher Timeshare Deal  grants Andrew Fisher the first right of refusal on the purchase of all future timeshare units that may deeded back to the Association.  The Fisher Timeshare Deal prevents the HBR Association from turning the “LIABILITY” of a vacant timeshare week into an income producing “ASSET” . It is a deal that does absolutely nothing to solve the delinquency factor that creates a fiscal financial crisis for timeshare owners reported to be on average $500,000 per year.  It is a deal that prevents the Association from selling timeshare weeks for more than $1,000 or other alternative sales that could generate much more income to offset the reported $500,000 per year annual shortage.  It is a deal that benefits only one person (Andrew Fisher) at the expense of all owners both condo and timeshare. It is a deal that was made by a Condo Board controlled by Andrew Fisher without even considering other alternatives present by Timeshare Experts.  It is a deal that gives the Association a one time payment of $400,000 that may have to be returned to Andrew Fisher if the sale conditions are not achieved.  It is a deal provides far less $$$ than a proposed alternative offered by our Past President of 15 years which could generate as much as $617,000 per year.  In just three years this represents $1,851,000 which is the Association’s to keep Vs $400,000 which may have to be returned to Andrew Fisher.

Justification by the Board- The justification by the Fisher\Levy Board is a survey they claim to have emailed to select condo owners.  Many Owners claim they received no such email. The Fisher\Levy justification is based upon the response of 53 condo owners who's response is used to determined the future for 300 plus condo owners (The Silent Majority) and the timeshare owners (approximately 1,976) who were not even permitted to vote on issues that affected only them because the Fisher\Levy Board claims 87% of them are delinquent in paying their fees.


Which would you vote for? 

Option A- get a one time payment of $400,000 which will not be used for timeshare improvements and may have to be returned or 

Option B- an alternative proposal that could generate annual sales plus provide an income of $617,000 using the figures quoted by the Fisher\Levy Board Survey and an income that will not have to be returned to Andrew Fisher if his conditions are not met. 

Self Dealing Vs Best Interest of All Condo Owners.

Using this latest example of Self-Dealing, it is time for the Silent Majority to speak up and let their voices be heard by the Court.  We are asking every condo owner to send an email and join the Petition to the Court for the Court to appoint a “Special Master” to take over control of our Association and put an immediate stop to the self-dealing individuals who are destroying our Association like a cancer from the inside out.

ACT NOW -We ask that you email victorfox850@gmail.com  and tell him to add your name to the list of owners who want the court to appoint a “Special Master” when 10% of owners respond, lawyers will present the Owners request to the Court for an immediate ruling. 

We invite you to take action today.  Send an email and show your support to take back our Association. 

EXAMPLE ( CUT & PASTE )  Let your voice be heard today. 

  1. Send your email to Victor Fox
  2. Circle your ownership status
  3. Send your email today 

———— Sample Email  Send Today —— - 

To: Victor Fox victorfox850@gmail.com 

Re:  Hollywood Beach Hotel Owners Association

I \ We are (Condo \ Timeshare) Owners in the Association and we request the Court appoint a Special Master to take control of our Association. We are tired of the self-dealing and diversion of our condo fees to fund a beach bar and hotel business while our building is neglected and in much need of repair. 

My vote is for (check one) [  ] Option A   [  ] Option B

————— ————— ——————— ——— 

What else can the Silent Majority Do?

FIGHT BACK- If your unit is on the Fisher Hotel Program pull it off.  Nobody is benefiting from the Fisher Hotel Program accept Fisher and you are hurting your fellow owners when you continue to support the Fisher Hotel Operation.  End it, pull off your units, and stop the $220,000 losses being funded by all owners.  You are costing your fellow owners over $220,000.  Read your contract.  Your Fisher Hotel Program Contract clearly states you will pay all expenses.  You are not, your fellow owners are being forced to pay and maybe one day they will take legal action against you personally or as a group to get their money back.  How can you justify getting an income from profits when your fellow owners are being billed $220,000 per year to cover the losses.  Losses means no profits. 

There are no sides to take.  The only issue is what is “Right” Vs what is “Wrong”.  Vote for what is Right and email your vote today. 


Thanks for the info.

Enough is enough!

Get a  "Special Master" appointed and get this "MESS" straightened out. Count me in for payment to him.

This whole thing smells, as has the previous board actions. Sue them all and resolve it. This has been screwed around all together too long.


Jack Hannon (unit 218)



I'm so feed-up of paying escalating maintenance fees for the past four + years; along with 'special assessments fees', ( I have been a time share owner since 1984). I feel as if I'm being punished/penalized by paying my yearly fees and assessments while others continue to not pay anything. So what will happen if I simply refuse to pay maintenance fees and/or the special assessment fee? As you are aware the fees that we are paying as a timeshare owner are well over $2,100; at this point I have to ask what is the benefit of timeshare ownership when I know I can find accommodations for an entire week at a much lesser price than what I'm paying in timeshare fees? It's gotten to the point that I don't know who to believe anymore; and I'm ready to throw in the towel and simply walk away; but don't want to loose out on what I paid for the timeshare. Any suggestions?


Frank Armstrong

Hi Richard

Just thought I would let you know that we never received an e-mail or any other form of communication from the HBR board regarding a Timeshare Ownership ballot. 

In fact we have asked the Management Company on more than one occasion to send us details of how to access their website (HBR owners website - not yours) and have still not received anything. I even had to e-mail them last week to ask them to confirm that the budget had been approved and when the increase in fees was payable from. Their reply is the one and only e-mail we have ever had from them, ever.

It begs the question how many other owners were not asked to participate and maybe explains such a low return!!!!

We are so fed up with everything, especially the increase in maintenance fees again ( over $120 a month in the last 14-15 months)  that we are, reluctantly, going to have to sell up. We bought the unit to be near family when we come over, but can no longer afford to keep it. So sad.


John and Beverley Morrell (#335) 


Ed Contreras <ed.contreras@comcast.net> 

I think this is a great idea to take that board out their actions make no sense I'm an accountant and owner I we are just financing a loser operations when the building is falling apart not even with Ac I will send my email now but I think we all should forward this email to all owners so they have the opportunity to register, one basic question that everyone will ask is what cost is involved with this for the owners with all the respect they deserve we know lawyers do not work for free, Richard do you know?

Let's distribute this note to all owners you know the time is now later will be too late

Cool Richard but you did not answer my question is there any fee for the owners to be represented in the lawsuit?   Thanks

Owners have been represent in my suit and no owner other than me has paid a single penny.  There is no cost for the owners to complete the survey and send in the request for the Court to consider.  The lawyer is being paid to do this and none of the cost is coming from any owner.  If the owners fail to do anything, the cost remains ongoing and when you consider the following it is very expensive

Cost of doing nothing

1.  $7.5 Million Mall Lease - with illegal guarantee 

2.  $220,000 slid into Association budget each year to cover LLC loses in direct violation of Fl law (2yrs Now $440,000

3.  Missing Timeshare Revenue ranging from $500,000 -$1,500,000- unknown until disclosure takes place

4.  41% rebate on all Special Assessments - costs all owners and future owners

5.  Timeshare Scam - Costs every owner huge loss with Fisher Deal

6.  Salary of $150,000 to family members paid out of the $220,000 projected losses added to Annual Budget

Simple Answer.  No it cost the Owners nothing to join and it costs them everything if they don’t.  It starts with the email as outlined in the latest Blog.  I have already committed  over $300,000 for the lawyers and if you support the effort, it cost you nothing.  If you don’t, you risk everything and it will cost you a lot more than you ever would guess. 

Best regards,

Richard, Sr.




Ok, so let's review the real issues as they seem to appear: 

  1. We have Andrew Fisher, the HBR Board Treasurer, resign from the HBR Board because he believes a conflict of interest exists and he can no longer sit on the HBR Board.  However, he does not think it is a conflict of interest that his family and friends control the HBR Board and continue to take direction from him in running the HBR Board. 
  2. We have rumors that Andrew resigned from the Board and has stopped paying the maintenance fees for the Second Floor Commercial Unit which represents approximately 10% of the Association’s Annual Budget.  Owners report hearing Andrew claim he is going to take legal action against the Board because his second floor is not approved with a Certificate of Occupancy due to the 40 year Certification not being done. Andrew told HBR Owners that he is here to make money not lose money. 
  3. We had a Fisher controlled Board vote to do a new deal with Andrew which allows Andrew to lock up the Timeshare Association indefinitely with a scheme to dissolve the Timeshare Weeks and make them into Condo Units even with a letter from the Board Attorney that says this is next to impossible for a number of reasons. Most important being that the Original Condo Documents would have to be changed.
  4. We have Andrew Fisher buying up units and now timeshare weeks under different entity names and having the sales approved by the HBR Fisher Controlled Board when Andrew is reported to be delinquent in maintenance fees which represent 10% of the Association’s Annual Budget and growing.  No sale should be approved for any buyer who is already an owner and delinquent in fees.  Worse than this,  HBR Board is reported to be using and abusing their “First Right of Refusal” to benefit Andrew in direct violation of the Condo Documents.
  5. We have a Fisher Controlled Board that conducts a totally unprofessional and unacceptable email survey focused on Timeshare Ownership while refusing to allow the Timeshare Owners to participate or vote on a issues that affects all Timeshare Owners.  The Fisher Controlled Board asked condo owners to determine the fate of the timeshare owners and they took the vote of 52 condo owners to represent the majority of the 300+ owners.  
  6. We have a Fisher Controlled Board that votes on items and issues when a clear conflict of interest exists which illustrates Self Dealing at its best.
  7. We have a Fisher Controlled Board that refuses to explore alternatives to save the timeshare as they instruct management to encourage owners to surrender their ownership as they make a deal with Andrew Fisher to lock up Timeshare without putting the alternative proposal offered by Andrew in direct conflict with the actual BID Requirements out to bid for others to consider as required by law.
  8. We have a Fisher Controlled Board that has no answers regarding the potential embezzlement of rental revenue generated from the vacant timeshare units.  This rental revenue over 5 years can range from $500,000 to $1,500,000.  This is a lot of money that has gone missing or just disappeared over the last 5 years.  The HBR Board and the LLC Managing Member refuse to release financial documents which appears as a “cover up” and smells like “Embezzlement” to a lot of people.
  9. We have a Fisher Controlled Board that has slid approximately $220,000 into the HBR Associations’ Annual Budget to cover the projected losses of the LLC (Bar & Hotel Business created by Jekic & Welliver) which is now controlled by Wanda Levy, the HBR President’s wife.
  10. We have rumors that huge salaries approaching $150,000 are paid by the LLC to Wanda Levy and her brother for running the Bar & Hotel business for the LLC.  This represents 68% of the $220,000 line item for the projected losses of the LLC.  
  11. We have no plan in place to improve the timeshare units which are now 15 years outdated as the money for the latest Fisher Timeshare Deal will go to fix the second floor of the mall and other condo building issues which many owners and former Board Members make claims of the projected costs being inflated to benefit the Fisher Group.  Bottom Line- the Timeshare Money should be spent on timeshare units
  12. We have an HBR Board that has a history of rejecting any proposal to improve the Timeshare for the benefit of the Owners and the Association.  Example- (A) Last HBR Board letter claims that 87% of the weeks are delinquent or deeded back to the Association. (B) This 87% represents approximately 1,719 weeks.  Schecher proposed a Timeshare Program that would offer financial relief even on a wholesale basis thru his global network of timeshare rentals. Wholesale revenue would be no less than $685,881 per year if the units were offered on the Hot Week Specials in Schecher Global Network.  In three years the Association would receive $2,057,642 from wholesale rental of vacant weeks.  This is a lot more than the $400,000 solution proposed by Fisher and approved by the Fisher controlled Board.  Schecher offered to make a public presentation at the Board Meeting but was never asked or placed on the Agenda.  The Agenda was to secure the vote for Andrew Fisher and not listen to what could save the Timeshare. Self Dealing Vs Solutions 
  13. We have a HBR Board that continues to provide salaries to family members.   It started with Laura Welliver  (Vice President) paying her sister to manage the hotel and continues with Wanda Levy (HBR President’s wife) and her brother getting salaries from the LLC which was created as a (For-Profit Business) to circumvent Florida Condo Law and take the Associations (Not-For-Profit) business into the risky hotel and bar business. 

Do you think it is time to ask the Court to appoint a “Special Master” as a receiver to stop all the Self Dealing and Save our Association? 


On Aug 10, 2015, at 5:32 PM, Marianne Dufour wrote:

Hello Richard,


Sorry to bother you again with this matter (Timeshare Hollywood)  but I did send them an e-mail to Mr Kenny Levy since we last wrote to each other and no response from them yet almost 2 months! (just his secretary that transfer my email to him)! 


By any chance, do you still have Mr Andrew Fisher contact information? Or otherwise I think at that point I have no choice to transfer to the Association my week. RCI has some as well and he is not interested anymore L


Your my last hope for clarify this problem that makes me feel very bad inside and makes me harder to fall asleep at night….. 


Thank you very much, any suggestion that you can think will be gladly appreciate.






Just for your personal knowledge, some notes that I wrote to them:


We have had this "timeshare" in the family since the year 1984 that is over 31 years and we have always paid our annual fees for one week per year.  Initially we bought it at $ 14,930.80 US, so we paid an annual fee based on approximately $ 600.00 US per year @31 = $ 18,600.00 US + $ 14,930.80 US purchase = $33,530.80 US /for 31 years.  I think we have done more than our part and contribution, we thought at least after 31 years that our real estate investment would have a plus value $$ and not the opposite. Furthermore, with these price it has become a luxury to go to Florida if you added up exchange rate, time share fees for a week, special cost, flight and the rental of a car, it become  much more cheaper to go to the other side of the world for less that price in an all-inclusive (hotel, food).

I do not understand why we “the good payers” should contribute to a debt that the Association has allowed to accumulate without making an effort to recover fees.  How is it possible that 75% of timeshare owners be non-payers! What did you do with them?  Didn’t the administration have the recourse to seize their time share?  Which good reasons why “good payers” should be penalized for the behavior of “bad payers”?
I still do not understand why on June 5th, 2015 we received an email from Neldik on your behalf saying that you are reducing almost all cost and a few days after we received a contradictory letter saying that an increase of $ 206.87 brings the annual service fees $ 1,046.56US/week which last year was about $ 800.00US per year. This is an increase of over 31%.  This increase is doubly unconscionable as an attempt to correct  delinquent financial management AND delinquent maintenance of the units. In the last three years I went there, I had to change units because the ceiling was leaking and the cover blankets still the same over the years.

Now to add more pain to my misery, you want me to pay for an additional cost of $ 1,211.80US based on a special assessment and you warn us that they may be a need for a second special assessment!
I can’t afford any longer to pay and do not intend to pay those exorbitant costs. ………………..etc…….




HBR Owners must demand a Special Meeting to vote to eliminate the $7.5 Million Dollar Mall Lease and the investment in the LLC (Bar & Hotel Company) created by Jekic & Welliver 

How much more can owners lose before bankruptcy? Why are condo fees being used to fund the operation and losses of a third party entity?  Maybe it is time to take legal action against the law firm who advised Jekic & Welliver on how to circumvent the Florida Condo Law and divert condo fees to cover the expenses and losses of a LLC that costs every HBR Owner thousands and benefits only a select few ?  What do you think?  Are you tired of being ripped off?  Are you ready to vote this SCAM out of existence ?

LEGAL OUT:  The condo board held a meeting to approve and sign the lease agreement contract but (1) Did not approve signing as the LLC, which it did and the contract is legally between the LLC and the Mall (2) The Jekic Board did not hold the required Board meeting or vote to approve the Financial Guarantee or Mall Rebate of 41% which was hidden in the lease - hence the legal out.  The  Guarantee and Rebate are not legally binding for the Association under Florida State Law. (3) The attorney in this transaction represented both the Mall and the Association in the deal and this is one hell of a conflict of interest, especially when you consider this attorney also advised the Jekic Board how to create the LLC in their attempt to circumvent Florida Condo Law. (4) The attorney was paid by the Association and had the duty to protect the Association and not work for the individual Board Members doing their bidding in direct conflict with what is the best interest of the Condo Association.



V-Life LOGO.001.jpg



HBR Owners appear to be upset with the new Fisher Board as everyone seems to have an opinion about what is wrong at the HBR and what the Fisher Board is doing wrong.  The fact remains, that no HBR Owners have really stepped up to the plate and done anything to improve the HBR Association since Richard J. Schecher, Sr resigned from the HBR Board in 2010 and since Schecher left in 2010 the building conditions, property values, and rental incomes have declined to a critical level of borderline failure. 

Prior to Schecher’s arrival the HBR was in desperate need of repair, all the entities were working with no single focus.  The Timeshare, The Condo, The Mall, The Hotel Rental Program, and the boot leg rental program run by Freddie.  Nobody communicated and nobody worked together. If you are an old time owner at the HBR or should we say, one of the original HBR Owners you will know who Freddie is and what he did at the HBR Resort.

When Schecher arrived, he was just a condo owner like everyone else.  He purchased one condo unit on the 4th floor and soon became very upset with the conditions of the property and the way the Hotel Renal Program was ripping off owners.  After being ripped off several times and fearing that his investment was going to be destroyed, Schecher decided to get involved and history will show that Schecher soon became the first HBR Condo Commando and the person responsible for ending the Mall dominance of the HBR Board of Directors.  It is a fact that Schecher was the first condo owner allowed to sit on the Board that was not controlled by the owners of Oceanwalk Mall.

Over the years, Schecher, who lived in NJ, got more involved in the Condo Association and eventually was successful in eliminating the Mall dominance over the mall by having 4 condo owners and 1 Timeshare Owner on the HBR Board with only 2 Mall representatives.  In addition, Schecher purchased the Hotel Rental Program, TSB, which was operating at the HBR Property since 1987.  Schecher’s Condo Management Company later bid and won the contract to manage the condo association.  Schecher was able to unite the property with a single focus as the HBR property was the first and only condo property in the entire country to be granted a Ramada Franchise.  This franchise was later destroyed by the group of local owners led by former property manager, David Hess and former Board Member Glen Matthews and the small group of stooges.

HBR HISTORY: Schecher was able to clean up the financial crisis that existed for years at the HBR along with the Association accounting.  Changing the HBR financial status from totally unacceptable to the point where the Association was qualified to secure a loan to finance the renovations completed prior to Schecher leaving office. 

Today, the HBR property has gone FULL CIRCLE.  The HBR property has a Mall dominated Board with only 1 Condo Owner, NO timeshare owners out of 7 HBR Board seats.  The HBR Board seats are now filled with family and friends of the Fisher Group thanks to the support of the NYC Mall Owner (Ben Heller) who voted for Fisher because he has an option to purchase CU1, the first floor of the Mall and the entity that owns the $7.5 Million Lease created by Jekic & Welliver without the knowledge or vote of the HBR Owners.

FACT: The Mall has always had the ability to direct the outcome of all HBR annual elections.  It was only once about 12 or so years ago that Schecher was able to unite owners and remove the 6 to 1 Mall dominance which remained removed until the 2015 elections.

Today, we are back to a property that is not focused on anything other than self serving agendas of a few people.  It started with the Jekic Board placing the HBR Owners at risk by illegally, without any owner vote or full disclosure, creating an LLC to circumvent Condo Law and go into the bar and hotel business.  Jekic’s plan was to drive Schecher’s Company out of business and take over what Schecher created over the previous 10 plus years.  

PROBLEM- Jekic illegally diverted condo funds and the LLC is all but bankrupt.  PROBLEM- HBR Owners are now paying over $220,000 per year to cover the projected losses of a bar and hotel company that not one single owner voted to become a part of.  PROBLEM- The new Fisher Board did nothing to end the financial crisis created by Jekic & Welliver and today, the scams against owners continue as nothing has changed except the players calling the shots

Today, the HBR has gone FULL CIRCLE and as the building is in worse condition than ever before.  The Association funds are missing or diverted to cover loss of the LLC that nobody wanted or voted for.  The HBR Timeshare Owners are being driven to bankruptcy by design or negligence while the Condo Owners appear to have blinders on regarding what is taking place all around them.

Today, like always, HBR Owners are divided into little groups of people that all have an opinion but none have the ability or are willing to activity do anything other than criticize what others are doing to make things better. 

The Fisher Board has been attacked at almost every Board Meeting based upon what people think or believe is happening and not what is really happening.  The Fisher Board is taking the blame for many things that are a direct result of what the Jekic Board did, or failed to do.  The Fisher Board came into office when the HBR was at its “worst” in over 25 years and it is impossible for them to fix things overnight.

What is wrong with the Fisher Board?  When asked his opinion, Past President Schecher said: (1) He believes the Fisher Board had no clue regarding the depth of the financial problems at the HBR (2) He said the Fisher Board was left with no money to address serious issues like the replacement of the AC Chillers and Elevators (3) He said the Fisher’s made a huge mistake by stepping into the shoes of Jekic & Welliver rather than doing nothing and allowing the LLC to go bankrupt and remain under the control of Welliver who would have been legally liable as the Managing Member of the LLC. (4) He said the Fisher Board made the mistake by not listening to him and taking some direction from someone with over 20 years of experience at the HBR (5) He also said the Fisher Board, unlike the Jekic Board,  is holding open meetings but they are negligent by not taking time to answer the detailed questions of owners.

HBR Owners are good at campaigning and promoting causes but none seem very good at actually providing solutions or assistance to the real problems at the HBR Resort.  Example: Judy Tower is worried about the pool when the pool is no longer even part of the HBR Association and the AC Chillers are all but worthless causing every owner huge losses in rental income and giving the HBR a very bad reputation that may not be able to be saved. 

Today, the question becomes:  Have we gone Full Circle with no place to go?  


TIMESHARE PROBLEMS could have been avoided if the Jekic Board and the new Fisher Board would have listened to the advise of past President Schecher - Plain & Simple . . . 

Schecher offered a timeshare solution but nobody listened so now everyone pays !

Why not become a member of the SG Resorts Global Network of more than 5,000 Resorts worldwide and start earning money for the HBR Timeshare Association?  Why not return Schecher’s Company to the Timeshare Management and not only avoid costly litigation but start earning back the missing $100,000 in rental revenue that seemed to disappear under the Jekic Condo Rental Program over the last 5 years?  Why not turn the liabilities of the Timeshare into money making Assets as proposed by Schecher back in 2009 and save the HBR Owners some serious money?




It is easy to blame the new Fisher Board for all the problems with their latest passing of a new Association budget and assessment for HBR Timeshare & Condo Owners but the reality of life is: (1) the new Fisher Board inherited a Financial Crisis created by Jekic & Welliver along with a building that has been neglected rather than maintained.  (2) for the past 4 years condo fees were diverted and spent on creating and covering the losses a new company (LLC) created to go into the beach bar and hotel business rather than fixing and maintaining the Association (3) Hundreds of Thousands of dollars were diverted and covered up with questionable DUE TO - DUE FROM Accounting.  Fees not used for building maintenance, service, and repairs but spent on a beach bar and hotel business rather than fixing the AC Chillers, elevators, and other critical maintenance items on the property.

Being a Board Member requires you to do what is “RIGHT” and often when it comes to Condominiums, what is “RIGHT” is not always “POPULAR”.   The new Fisher Board has faced the reality and severity of the financial crisis at the HBR and they created a budget that they believe will correct the problem or at least put the Association back on the right path. 

WE ARE NOT ALONE - ALL CONDOS HAVE SIMILAR ISSUES when it comes to budgets & Expenses

[CLICK HERE] Read what is happening at the Plaza and see that we are not alone.  Increased fees does not mean something illegal or improper is happening.  It simply could mean that more money is required to pay the Association Bills. 


The new Fisher Board needs to immediately close out the LLC created by Jekic & Welliver.  It is a business that is losing over $200,000 per year and one that needs to be shut down as a loser.  After all, it is illegal to fund the $200,000+ losses of a legal third party entity in the new Association Budget.  Closing Out the LLC represents an immediate savings of $200,000 in Bar & Hotel Losses alone.  Not to mention the balance of the $7.5 Million Lease that was also never disclosed or voted upon by HBR Owners.  Expenses & Losses created by Jekic & Welliver without one single vote from Timeshare or Condo Owners who never  agreed to go into the bar or hotel business and never agreed to fund the losses of a bankrupt business.  Bottom Line Losses from a business created without taking the required Owner vote.  


It is your fiduciary duty as a HBR Board Member to protect the Association which means all Owners and not just the Mall Owners. 


Chicago Attorney tells of horrific treatment from HBR Timeshare Management under the Jekic Board.  Does this illustrate why we are where we are today ?

Mr. Schecher,

Let me share my experience with my timeshare that I purchased in 1997. I paid my assessments faithfully every year until 2010. After that I stopped receiving the invoices. I would call the association office and never get a return call.  After not receiving an invoice for the second year I began calling every day. Finally someone answered the phone and told me to call a law firm (can't remember the name right now). I called the firm, spoke with someone who took my info and promised to call back. Well they never did. Of course, I continued to call to find out how much I owed. No response. I then started calling the association again who again said call the attorneys. This went on for 4 YEARS.

Fast Forward to 2014.  I received a letter from a collection agency with 4 years of assessments at double the annual amounts I paid in the past and a collection fee if $2000 on top of that!  I asked why it was so much and why there were no credits for renting out my 1 bedroom unit which included the July 4 holidays. I was told that I need to pay it all or they would settle if I surrender my timeshare to them. I offered to pay in no more than 6 installments but they were more concerned with me surrendering the unit than getting the money,

I did not agree with paying them $6000 at once so sadly and hesitantly, I surrendered my timeshare. I feel like the lack of communication and billing was intentional and for the purpose of creating a hardship and ultimately taking my timeshare week. I wish I could have sued them but I am an out of state owner. This sort of neglect and unethical action never happened before the previous board took office. I remember always receiving assistance and having a good relationship with the association accountant (I think his name was Ron) in the past. I hope things improve for the remaining condo and timeshare owners as I am looking to purchase a unit elsewhere at this time. 

You can feel free to share this story. 

Linnae Bryant

Attorney at Law

Chicago, Illinois


Dear Ms Bryant:

In 2010 I resigned from the HBR Board in an effort to try to save the Ramada Franchise which came under attack by a small group of local owners and certain Board Members led by my former property manager, David Hess.  In 2010 the Jekic Board came into power and took over control and the purse strings of the Association.  Right after being elected, the new President, Michel Jekic announced that he wished he could bankrupt and get rid of the Timeshare Association.  


From 2010 when the Jekic Board took over until the present day, in my opinion, no efforts were made to revise, update, or improve the Timeshare Units.  For over two decades my Hotel Company managed the Timeshare and paid the Association on average $100,000 in rental revenue from the vacant timeshare units.  My Hotel Company also rented weeks for owners to pay or offset their annual dues when asked to do so.  From 2010 forward the $100,000 revenue disappeared under Jekic & Welliver and no efforts were made to do anything to improve the Timeshare conditions, units, or services to Timeshare Owners.  In the past, I presented a plan that would save the Timeshare Association and one that would decrease not only delinquency but lower annual dues.  All my proposals were rejected by the Jekic Board and also the new Fisher Board when offered suggestions that could really make a difference for the Association. 

In 2010, I opened the door for the HBR to become part of a multi-million dollar Timeshare Program that would have virtually eliminated all Timeshare debt, but again my proposal was rejected and the offer went elsewhere and made $40,000,000 for another company in the Caribbean that the HBR Timeshare could have benefit from, just by being a part of the Program as its “Exit Sale”.. 

Today, It does appear that the goal of the Board is to eliminate or bankrupt the Timeshare Association but I don’t believe this is true because the Fisher Group claims to have purchased 400 weeks.  This represents a cash infusion to the Association from the sale of $400,000 plus another ongoing $400,000 in annual maintenance fees plus the huge special Assessment currently in the works.  

The Fisher Group purchased weeks and now is the largest Timeshare Owner in the Timeshare (Master) Association and probably the largest owner in the Condo Association. 

It is not legally possible for Fisher to combine weeks to make 10 Condo Units out of his Timeshare Purchase as implied in the last Board Meeting because each HBR week is: (1) Individually Deeded and (2) the weeks a spread among all 38 units and not just one unit.

Hence today, the Fisher Group, as a new timeshare owner, is legally obliged to pay over $400,000 in annual weekly maintenance fees (Number of Weeks X  Weekly Fee)  to the Timeshare Association plus the new “Special Assessment”.   This is almost a Million Dollars in total. This does not sound like self dealing to me but it does not sound like a very smart move to me either, when other alternatives could work as good or better for both Fisher and the Association. 

My personal feelings are that Jekic, Welliver, and their band of local owners had a secret agenda to GET SCHECHER and get him at any cost.  Today, the Ramada Franchise is gone, O’Malley’s is gone, The Condo has a new $7.5 Million Dollar Lease with the Mall, The Condo has lost over a million dollars trying to go into the bar and hotel business, those who started the LLC (Bar & Hotel) are gone, and most important Owners are left paying the bill of the LLC while nobody is being held accountable for diverting funds.  

This is why one of my companies filed a lawsuits.  The truth needs to be told in court and those responsible need to be held financially accountable for the missing, diverted, or otherwise unaccounted for funds taken from our Association bank accounts and used to go into the bar and hotel business.  Association Fee collected that must be used to fix the elevators, air-conditioning, and maintain our Association Property not go into the bar or hotel business.   In my opinion, this is a direct violation of Florida Condominium Law .


Richard J. Schecher, Sr

July 7th Fireworks as the HBR Fisher Board Meeting gets real ugly ..

Condo and Timeshare Owners started screaming and yelling at the Fisher Board when the Board announced their intention to pass a very questionable budget that shifts the brunt of the financial responsibility onto the 38 timeshare units.  A questionable move many HBR Owners now see as the Fisher Board’s attempt to bankrupt the Master (Timeshare) Association.  

HBR Owners were demanding answers that never came as Timeshare Owners were told they had no “right” to speak at the Condo Meeting.  It was a very ugly meeting as things began to heat up with many owners now talking RECALL and more legal action against the Fisher Board.  

Where is this all going ? Where is the progress promised by the Fisher Board ?  What happened to Andrew Fisher stating “ we" are only interested in developing the Mall and making the property better?  If they are only interested in the Mall- why did they take over the Jekic-Welliver LLC the minute they became Board Members?  Why refuse to end the Jekic-Welliver Folly and hold the former Board liable for all the missing and diverted funds?  WHY illegally include the financial shortages of the LLC in the Condo Budget which represents almost a quarter of a million dollars ?


Graphic History

Oceanwalk Mall, Hollywood Beach


ATTENTION all HBR Timeshare & Condo Owners

You are invited to join and experience V-LIFE where we make Timeshare Ownership as extinct as dinosaurs. V-LIFE unlocks the doors at more than 5,000 Timeshare Resorts Worldwide with no Timeshare Purchase and were you never pay one single penny in Timeshare Fees, Assessments, or any other related Timeshare Cost whatsoever.  No Black Out dates, No Exchange Fees, you simply Book, Go, and Save.  Another reason SG Resorts should be your Company of choice. 


The lack of $$$ because funds were diverted by an out of control Board of Directors with a “self-serving agenda” who wanted to go into the beach bar and hotel business.  

Get the picture ?

The problem continues today because the new Board apparently has just picked up where the old Board left off.  

See the problem?


CALL FOR ACTION:  It is time to settle all lawsuits and unite the property.  It is time for the New Fisher Board to get the HBR Association out of the bar and hotel business and back to the business of the Not-For-Profit Condo Association.  It is time for Schecher to come back and unite the hotel operations and end the financial drain created by 101 Ocean Pub by bringing O’Malley’s back. It is time for Schecher to Brand O’Malley’s to the Association. 

It is time for you to call the Management Company and demand action today or do nothing and watch your investment and property values continue to decline while maintenance fees increase and more special assessments come one after the other. 

2015 Jekic Board & Laura Welliver is voted out of office and a New Board is voted in.  

Time for change and time to end the war against former Board President Schecher

The votes have been counted and a record breaking number of Condo Owners voted to send Laura Welliver and the Jekic Board packing as lawsuits mount and the Association’s Insurance Company refuses to provide insurance defense or coverage to Jekic, Welliver, and the individual Board Members who mounted a secret war to destroy the company and investments of former HBR Board President Richard J. Schecher, Sr.  

In power is a new Board comprised of people who are part of the new second floor CU2 group of owners headed by Andrew Fisher.  The new Fisher Board has promised to unite and develop the HBR property into a property that will be the focal point of the Hollywood Boardwalk.  Fisher has indicated that he has plans to develop the property into something similar that exists at Bal Harbor Shops but on a scale that fits into the Hollywood Beach scene. 

The future for Jekic & Welliver will be challenging and full of huge legal expenses as they face a monumental  court battle to defend themselves and their attacks directed at former Board President Schecher in an effort to destroy and take over his various business interests at the HBR Resort.  

President Jekic & VP Welliver have almost single handedly bankrupted the HBR Association


For almost 4 years it appears that President Jekic has been on a power trip funded by diverting Association fees and hiding his massive diversions and business losses with bogus Due To-Due From Accounting.  In the eyes of many Owners President Jekic wanted to become Schecher (Past President & Business Owner) so bad that he made a deal with the NY Owners of Ocean Walk Mall that not only benefited nobody but the NY Mall Owners but cost the present and future owners of the HBR Resort millions.

President Jekic and his partner, VP Welliver, decided it was best for the HBR Owners to go into the bar and hotel business.  The problem with their decision to divert millions of fees and guarantee millions more is that their plan is totally illegal under the Florida Condominium Laws.  Worse, they did all this without once asking the 400 Condo Owners and the 1,700 Timeshare Owners if they were willing to spend millions to take their not-for-profit Association into the for-profit business of a beach bar and hotel.

It appears that only one owner (Schecher) bothered to question what was happening and take the offenders to court.  There are currently three lawsuits in the courts including one RICO Federal Lawsuit.  Schecher vowed to hold those who elected to destroy his business and the rental revenue of those HBR Owners on his Hotel Program legally responsible for their illegal actions.  It also appears that the Insurance Company for the Association (Jekic & Welliver) may believe Schecher is right because they sent Jekic a “Reservation of Rights Letter” which means that they may not be paying the bill if Jekic loses in court.  Most every insurance policy in the world has an exclusion for “Intentional Acts” and it appears very clear that Jekic had a “Hard On” to get Schecher at any cost.  The cost to get Schecher is $7.5 Million and the tab is being covered by all the HBR Owners thanks to President Jekic and VP Welliver.

Jekic testified under oath that it is impossible for him to lose money in the bar business and his hotel business would reduce fees.  He testified under oath that Schecher made $500,000 per year in profits from O’Malley’s and that is why he granted the Mall a new 41% rebate as a lease incentive to take over the space Schecher’s Company rented for 30 years.  His move cost present and future owners millions in rebates that must be covered with increased fees or special assessments.

It took less than a couple of years for Jekic to be proven wrong.  His bar is approaching $1,000,000 in losses and his hotel operation operates at a 6% occupancy and is not making money for anyone associated with Jekic.  Today, both Jekic & Welliver are scamming HBR Owners into paying the rent to the NY Mall Owners because they don’t make enough from their bar and hotel business to cover the rent.  They now realize that Schecher never made $500,000 a year as testified under oath  by Jekic. 

In 2015 the future of the HBR Resort depends upon (1) Getting rid of Jekic, Welliver and their Board (2) Electing a new Board that is willing to protect the investment of all owners.


                   WHAT WILL 2015 BRING ?

Condo and Timeshare Owners are facing the end of days for 2014 with many if not most HBR Owners wondering what to do in 2015.

HBR Owners never bothered to question the Due To and Due From Accounting or the Accountant’s footnote on the Association Financials warning of possible illegal activity.

HBR Owners never bothered to question the tens of thousands of dollars due from one Association Account from another Association Account that is itself tens of thousands of dollars short.

HBR Owners never bothered to question the diversion of tens of thousands of condo fees by President Jekic and VP Welliver to start their Beach Bar.  A bar that is all but bankrupt and a business that lost over $1,000,000 since it started.

HBR Owners never bothered to question the new Budget Line item which represents the latest Jekic-Welliver SCAM to have owners pay for their losses (rents) that they are unable to make to cover the expenses of their LLC.  Yes, for the first time in over 30 years, Jekic & Welliver started charging HBR Owners rent for the front desk space.  Space that Schecher provided for over 30 years for FREE.

HBR Owners never bothered to question why Jekic & Welliver rented a laundry room without any laundry equipment.  Space Schecher offered to share and continue providing HBR Owners with pool towels for FREE.

HBR Owners never bothered to question why Jekic & Welliver never bothered to take the required vote before deciding to divert fees to go into the bar and hotel business, which is illegal under Florida Condo Law.

HBR Owners never bothered to question why Jekic & Welliver signed a Mall Lease for $7.5 Million Dollars and guaranteed its performance with Association fees- illegal without an owners vote or approval. 

HBR Owners never bothered to question why Jekic & Welliver granted the Mall Owner a new 41% rebate on all future “Special Assessments” so they could get the space rented by Schecher’s Company for over 30 years. This move will cost all present and future HBR Owners millions of dollars

HBR Owners never bothered to question how Jekic & Welliver could keep the maintenance the same while the Association bad debt rose to $6,000,000.

HBR Owners never bothered to question where the Special Assessment Funds to wipe out the bad debt vanished.  The Special Assessment was collected to eliminate the bad debt and the debt was never paid down.  The funds were diverted by Jekic & Welliver.

The list of “Never Bothered” is long.  In 2015, the HBR Owners should take the time and they should bother to understand what is happening and how serious the financial crisis is at the HBR Resort.  In 2015 changes need to be made starting with the absolute replacement of the Jekic Board followed by holding those individuals individually responsible for their SCAMS and Diversion of fees that appears to be hidden in their bogus Due To | Due From accounting. 

Score  27 to 3     SG RESORTS WINS

Mid Week Daily Arrivals

There should not be any winners or losers at the HBR Resort because all entities should be working together to create the best possible guest experience for those who book a room at the HBR Resort.  SG Resorts is forced to walk overbooked guests to neighboring properties because Jekic does not allow his front desk to cooperate with SG Resorts.  This is a prime example of a Loser and a reason why HBR Owners on the Jekic-Welliver Rental Program are not making any money. What businessman would refuse to accept quality business (room revenue)?

Most HBR Owners are not happy with the Jekic-Welliver Rental Program and many have exited the Program for obvious reasons.  Two Key Reasons are: (1) Nobody (no guests) want to book a room with the Jekic Program because the rooms are way below par and there is a total lack of guest services. (2) No Condo Owner wants to be responsible to pay all the expenses of a bankrupt rental program and only share in nonexistent profits. 

SG Resorts is out of rooms and needs more qualified rooms for the upcoming Winter Season.  SG Resorts has all the travel & tour contracts and has been operating at the property for over 30 years when you consider it purchased all the assets from the TSB Ramada Program and continues today with the majority of HBR Condo Owners who rent their units.  SG Resorts pays owners first and HBR Owners never pay a single penny in operational costs or rent.  There are some very logical reasons SG RESORTS should be your choice of Rental Programs at the HBR Resort.  For more information on how you can start earning real money this Winter Season, call SG Resorts (954) 272-2095



The 2015 Winter Season will soon be upon us and SG Resorts continues to do everything possible to protect the rental revenue of its 100+ Owners on the SG Hotel Program by maintaining its “Franchise Standards” at least inside the rooms.  

Unfortunately, It has become almost impossible to satisfy arriving guests once they experience the overall poor condition of the property and the experience of broken out of service elevators, questionable air-conditioning that was down for almost the entire month of July, filthy stair wells and laundry rooms with overflowing garbage cans, broken ice machines, and hallways that reportedly do not get cleaned on any regular basis.

It makes things worse when the building security appears to harass the guests registered with SG Resorts and guests are issued access cards to the elevator that are not programmed correctly causing more complaints and hassles for the guests.

It appears that Jekic & Welliver would rather cause problems that in the end destroy the reputation of the entire building and benefits nobody, rather than cooperate and make the guest experience enjoyable, Jekic & Welliver seem to make it next to impossible for the arriving guests to enjoy their time at our property.

For more than one year, Jekic & Welliver have been harassing the SG Concierge (Joey) and Joey provides FREE concierge services to all arriving guest in an effort to make their experience at our property more enjoyable.  Why do they try to force Joey from helping guests?  Where is the logic?

As more and more owners join the SG Hotel Program it will soon be necessary to limit the number of owners that can successfully be on the SG Program until building conditions improve.  As the last QTR of 2014 approaches, SG Resorts is forced to place a property disclaimer on all its advertising and registration forms advising arriving guests that the conditions of the property and common areas remain outside the control of SG Resorts and all property maintenance, service & repairs are 100% the responsibility of the Condo Board and its Management Company.  

SG Resorts takes responsibility and ownership of the interior rooms but remains helpless when it comes to the bad guest experience provided by the security staff, condo hotel staff, and the very poor condition of the property which includes constantly out of service elevators and air-conditioners that are in much need of repair and replacements.

The GOOD NEWS about the upcoming Season- SG Resorts predicts another SOLD OUT Season for the owners on its Hotel Rental Program provided the elevators work and the air-conditioning remains cold. 

SG Resorts is also trying to help the venters at our property by providing breakfast coupons to certain guests that are good at their choice of food vendors on the property.


2014 SUMMER SLOW SEASON - Andrew Fisher (Mall Owner & Largest Voting Owner in Association) is buying up units at the HBR Resort.  You may wish to contact him if your unit is for sale.  

As the slow summer season is here, it was bad news for the HBR Condo Owners when the elevators broke down for the ump-teenth time over the 4th of July Weekend.  The elevators remain down a week later with hotel guests leaving and complaining about the conditions at the HBR Resort.  

Most owners believe our property has hit a 30 year low as the Jekic-Welliver Hotel Program continues to rack up horrific reviews on Trip-Advisor and other Internet sites.  Most owners believe a little cooperation would go a very long way to improve the conditions at our property.

The latest chain of events has the new mall owner, Andrew Fisher, creating a new company and using his position as a Board Member to enrich himself by having the Board use the Condo’s right of refusal to buy condo units under contract for sale with outside realtors.  THE PROBLEM with this becomes (1)  What he is doing is in direct violation of our Condo Documents after the first execution of the “right of first refusal” and (2) What he is doing enriches himself and may be against Florida Law because he is now using his position as a Board Member to enrich himself using his position as a HBR Board Member. 

Andrew Fisher is a strong supporter of Michel Jekic and many people are now having second thoughts regarding his motivations and future intentions.  As Association Treasurer, Fisher, has the fiduciary duty to protect the individual members of the Association and allowing Jekic to slide the expenses of this bankrupt company  into the Associations Budget does not appear to be consistent with upholding his fiduciary responsibility, especially when you consider the magnitude  of the scam to defraud owners. 

Take the HBR Owners Survey [Click Here]


2014  WINTER SEASON is coming to a close with many condo owners upset at the HBR Association’s Board of Directors who have been diverting condo funds to pay the expenses of the company created by the Board President (Michel Jekic) and Vice President (Laura Welliver).  TWO PEOPLE who decided it was best for the HBR Owners to go into the hotel and bar business without even asking owners. 

As the busy winter season comes to an end, the new company created by Jekic & Welliver is all but bankrupt and the reputation of the HBR Resort is all but destroyed as the diversion of funds has left the Association with no money to fix the constantly broken elevators, clean the halls, install the remainder of the new windows, or do just about anything for the good of the property.

SG RESORTS has tried everything to cooperate with Jekic & Welliver to no avail as the property continues to decline to the point that it is next to impossible to run a professional hotel operation. 

With no money to operate and little money left in the Association bank accounts to divert, both Jekic & Welliver are at the end of their rope with no place to turn.  As the slow summer season approaches Jekic & Welliver find themselves with a hotel company consisting of foreclosed condo units and vacant outdated timeshare units and owners report that they have been issuing “credits” rather than checks to the owners dumb enough to join their rental program.  Their new bar is all but bankrupt after going thru five managers and the reputation for service and food quality is just as bad as their hotel operation. 

The question is- When will this all end? 

Read the latest Guest Welcome Newsletter [ CLICK HERE




YOUR FEES - Millions missing or diverted

Where are we today, just a few years after this video?

No Cash in the Association - just questionable DUE TO| DUE FROM Accounting created by Jekic & Welliver 

LISTEN TO JEKIC explain what he is going to do and what never happened. Listen to how Jekic explains his new rental program that is now costing all individual condo owners over $10,000,000 as Oceanwalk Mall laughs all the way to the bank after playing Jekic and Welliver like the "stooges" they have become after giving OWM a $7.5 Million Financial Guarantee backed by Condo Owners fees and allowing Oceanwalk Mall to divest its ownership and become "suit proof" allowing Oceanwalk to walk away from a condo debt that is now approaching $1,000,000. 

IN AUGUST 2012 an Emergency Board Meeting was called by Michel Jekic & Laura Welliver where they voted to go into the beach bar & hotel business but they failed to provide owners with any details such as the $7.5 Million Dollar Rent and the "Financial Guarantee" they signed that binds every owner in the Association to pay the rent regardless if they are on the rental program or not and regardless if they like it or not.  The Jekic Board voted in an Emergency Meeting without even consulting owners to see if there was any interest in financing a beach bar and hotel operation.

JUNE 2013 UPDATE ON EMERGENCY MEETING - Nothing said by Jekic as recorded in the Emergency Meeting ever took place as presented and later it was discovered the cost of the "Lease Opportunity" as stated by Jekic in this video cost the owners almost $10,000,000.  It was an opportunity for Jekic and the owners of Oceanwalk Mall - sadly nobody else, as Owners are left paying the bills as Oceanwalk continues to ignore its financial responsibilities to the Association with the help of Jekic & Welliver.

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Visual Tour

The Hospitality Division of the Schecher Group Family of Companies will be producing and posting Visual Tours Online for prospective vacation renters to see and enjoy.  SG Resorts believes this is now necessary due to the declining property conditions at the HBR Resort and all the negative reviews and feedback from guests and owners about the Condo’s Hotel Program.  

Guest who have experienced the new Condo’s Hotel Company have not been so kind in their TripAdvisor Comments. The traveling public is now very critical of the HBR Resort as they are caught in a very confusing political battle created by the HBR Board President (Michel Jekic) and VP (Laura Welliver) in their failed attempt to create a new Hotel Company.   It appears that Jekic & Welliver would rather create competition and confusion than work together to unite the property and create two programs that can feed each other compared to two programs trying to compete with each other. 

SG Hospitality believes new innovative steps are needed to protect the reputation of SG Resorts as a Boutique Franchise Company as well as all the condo owner partners who are part of the SG Hotel Program at the HBR Resort.  

SG Hospitality believes a virtual tour of the units on the SG Resorts Hotel Program will eliminate some of the confusion and illustrate the superior condo units available for rent from the SG Resorts Hotel Operator. 

Condo Issues are real - Paying guests do not want to see the various property Issues like filthy hall ways, elevators that go down and remain out of service for days and sometime weeks.   The HBR Property is quickly becoming a property everyone wants to avoid no matter how low the rates go, which is another very serious problem created by Jekic & Welliver. 

Guests and Owners report having their car towed by the Garage Owner while they are checking in.  The same Garage Owner that collects almost $200,000 per year to park owners’ cars that don’t exist and the same Garage Owner that forces owners’ tenants to pay for tenant parking in direct violation of Florida Law.  The same Garage Owner Jekic just paid $180,000 over a dispute that should have been battled in court.

 SG Resorts believes the new 2014 Visual Tour of its rental inventory will help regain the trust and confidence of guest who prefer the HBR Resort as a winter destination  Our property has been destroyed by the Jekic-Welliver Folly and their attempt to go into the Hotel Business rather than create a simple guaranteed profitable condominium rental program. 

The Visual Tours will avoid any unwanted surprises and hopefully educate the public regarding the confusion created by Jekic & Welliver in their attempt to steal the phone number and reservation GDS from Schecher’s Companies, which have been operating and paying owners monthly rental revenue at the HBR Resort for over 30 years. 

Starting in Jan 2014, an entire production of unit tours are planned for owners who have signed up for the new VIP-RENTAL Program offered by Florida Destinations International and Boardwalk Rentals.  

Discover how easy it is for you to start receiving two rental checks each month and see how your vacancy will decrease while your occupancy rate increases.  Contact Kristie or Richard Jr today and ask about the new VIP Boardwalk Rental Program available to owners on the SG Resorts Hotel Program at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort   Phone: (954) 272-2095


WHEN WILL THE NIGHTMARES END? Owners are upset with the condition of the building as the 2013 year comes to an end  Owners report filthy halls as they have not been cleaned for weeks while other owners report months.  Someone needs to buy the Jekic Condo Board a vacuum cleaner so somebody can vacuum the halls at least once per day.

When we were a Ramada the halls were cleaned more than once per day.  Today, our building has fallen into slum like conditions as the new Jekic-Welliver Condo Hotel Program takes the property ratings to an all time low on the Trip Advisor comments.  Condo Guests check-in only to turn around and check-out faster than it took them to register for what is reported to be substandard foreclosed rooms, outdated vacant timeshare units, and units Jekic made special deals not to send to collection or foreclosure because he needs rooms on his bankrupt Hotel Program. One word can describe the Jekic-Welliver Condo Hotel -DEPLORABLE.   

Just when you think you have seen it all, one condo employee was told by Jekic & Welliver to trim the plants, so like any good employee that fears the Jekic Wrath, he cut down and trimmed back the plants and trees in front of the SG Resorts Offices.  Problem - the trees and plants were plastic and not real.  The guy cut down artificial plants.

 The plants were placed in an area to help people avoid a dangerous step down area on the second floor of the mall.  They can’t vacuum the halls but they can trim artificial trees.  Just how stupid is this?  I guess the Condo’s people can’t tell the difference between real life trees and plastic ones, just like they can’t tell the difference between clean and dirty halls.

In less than two years, our property has gone from the standards of a Ramada to a 1.5 star nightmare property getting $59 per night for rooms on the Condo’s Hotel Program.  Deplorable rooms that nobody wants to stay  once registered and after they carry their own luggage to their room while their car is getting towed by a garage owner that keeps a blow up Holiday Christmas Sled next to the Valet stand with the Tow Company’s phone number so owners and paying guests know where to find their car after it has been towed while they are in the process of checking into the hotel. 

 HO HO HO- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or is it? 

New Rental Program arrives in 2014

HBR Resort Logo

Florida Destinations International (VIP-RENTALS) has been behind the curtain for years quietly providing hotel guests to condo owners on the former HBR Ramada Hotel Program and the SG Resorts Hotel Rental Program at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort for well over 10 years.  Florida Destinations International has also been providing select very high-end vacation rentals on an exclusive basis to Caribbean Vacation Properties and EliteCVP on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic for well over 10 years.  

In 2014, Florida Destinations International has partnered with HomeAway and 17 other Vacation Rental Experts  as part of the HomeAway Network Partners to market and rent select properties for the owners on the SG Resorts Hotel Programs at the Sixty Sixty Resort on Miami Beach, the Casablanca Hotel on Miami Beach, and on a limited basis to the Hollywood Beach Resort on Hollywood Beach.  

At the Hollywood Beach Resort there will be a total of 50 slots available during the first quarter of 2014 for select owners to become part of this new rental program that is a supplement to the existing SG Resorts Hotel Program currently operating at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort.

BENEFITS INCLUDE:  Free Wireless, Full Hotel Services, Less Owner Costs in High Season (25%/75% - Owners keep 75% of gross rental right off the top and even less in Low Season (20%/80% - Owners keep 80% of gross rental right off the top in the summer slow season).   

Its a New Program that benefits condo owners at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort and makes owning a condo more profitable.  The new program is a revaluation offering: Less Expenses, Renter Paid Expenses, Higher Occupancy, Higher Rental Revenue - Nothing but improvements over the past and one million percent better than what is provided by the Jekic-Welliver Folly (Condo Rental Program).  If your unit is clean, recently renovated, or just above average, call Richard Jr at (305) 877-0106 to review your new options as a member of the SG Resorts Network of Resorts. 

Condo Owners now have the opportunity to receive two monthly rental revenue checks.  Condo Owners will receive their regular monthly hotel check for the daily hotel rentals, plus now- qualified owners will receive an additional rental check from FDI (VIP-RENTALS) for rentals booked thru the HomeAway Network as well as bookings from the other vacation home rental network partners.

Increased Revenue - Lower Expenses - No Hotel Expenses - Increased Occupancy - Renters pay certain charges and the bottom line is a bigger bottom line for the condo owner on this new rental program.  For more information call the Kristie, HBR Owner Coordinator for SG Resorts at (954) 272-2095 Ext 7104.





Dear Owners:

   It is with great concern that I am writing you this letter to inform you of the ongoing problems at our resort and the inability or unwillingness of our Condo President (Michel Jekic) to do anything to ease the problems and cooperate with us on a joint basis to improve conditions that are now directly affecting the bottom line rental income for just about every owner in our Association who is renting their unit either on our hotel program, privately, or thru an agent.

   It has been brought to my attention that Jekic & Welliver are reported to be paying their owners on the Condo Rental Program with credits and owners report receiving only 30% of the rents when actually paid.  This is a far cry from the 60% owners receive right off the top from the SG Resorts Hotel Program. Owners also report that they have been paid for April & May in December and this is also something of concern because not only do the owners on the Jekic-Welliver Program receive about half the income compared to the SG Resorts Program, they are paid on average over six months late when finally paid in dollars and not credits. 

   As you are aware SG Resorts has been providing wireless internet services to the entire building as a courtesy to not only SG Resorts guests and owners but to all guests and owners whether they were part of the SG Hotel Program or not.  However, recently It has also been brought to my attention that the new Jekic-Welliver hotel program has been charging their guests a daily $10 resort fee which includes access to the wireless network of SG Resorts while refusing to contribute any portion of this fee to assist SG Resorts in offsetting the ongoing costs associated with owning and maintaining a wireless network at our property. 

   Effective immediately, SG Resorts is no longer in a position to continue to offer FREE wireless access and will be offering all condo owners and guests the opportunity to receive unlimited wireless internet for their unit and guest for a low monthly cost of $19.  This cost is nominal and is way below the monthly cost AT&T, Verizon, and other Network Providers can offer.  Furthermore, if you are on the SG Resorts Hotel Program, you will receive a discounted monthly wireless bill of $15 per month and it will be deducted from you monthly statement.

   Moving forward, if any owner would like to receive unlimited wireless internet service for your unit, which will enhance your ability to rent your unit, please complete the enclosed form and return it to me as quickly as possible.  The annual fee, if paid in full is $225.  However, if you elect to pay monthly, the cost is $19 plus a 15% service fee and payment requires a credit card on file which will be billed monthly once authorized by you.

   It is critical that every owner both on and off the SG Resorts Hotel Program understand that the new condo hotel rental program created by the Jekic Board continues to undersell rooms at very low rates in an effort to increase their occupancy to pay expenses.  This practice of lowering rates to attract renters has driven down the rates for everyone both on and off the SG Hotel Program and makes it almost impossible for others to publish rates that can generate profits.  As long as the Jekic-Welliver Program undercuts rates and offers less than an acceptable level of service the public perception of our building will decline and it won’t be long before there will be no repeat or returning guests and all new guests will be looking for the $59 rate that nets the owner about $15.  This is a rate that a real hotel company can’t accept as it is impossible to meet the basic hotel expenses and overhead,no less have any chance of making a profit. 

   Sadly, our building is quickly getting a very bad reputation and it won’t be long before our property falls back into the unacceptable category for most all vacation travelers. The facts are clear for anyone to see and the reality of life, as it exists today, at the HBR Resort with the new Jekic-Welliver Bar & Hotel Operation is not good.  Many owners believe the diversion of condo funds to finance the Jekic Folly is not only illegal but now impacting everyone in our Association. 

   I regret to inform you that unless positive changes are made, SG Resorts will be forced to re-evaluate its position at the HBR Property and make the necessary changes as may be required to maintain quality franchise standards under the almost impossible property conditions beyond our control. If the downward rate trend and price undercutting continues, it will be come next to impossible for SG Resorts to offer the same level of monthly rent guarantees to its flat rate owners.  Changes are needed and it starts with Board cooperation and it is my opinion, as long as the Jekic Board remains in power, this will never happen. 

If you have any questions please fee free to call me or Kristie at (954) 272-2095


Richard J. Schecher, Jr.


Open Board Meeting November 2013 Answers no real questions and raises more concerns from Owners sitting in audience   Michel Jekic, HBR Condo President,  refused to address any owner questions regarding the financial status of his new beach bar (101 Ocean Pub) and his new hotel program (Historic Hollywood Beach Resort) when asked for specific details from owners sitting in the audience.  Jekic claimed those questions must be asked at the meeting, when called, by the other HBR Association.  The Jekic Double Talk continues- the Master Board is responsible for the operation of the HBR Association and Jekic is the President of Both the Condo and the Master (Controlling Board) for the property and our Association. Now it appears that Jekic can only answer questions when during the Board Meeting of the other Association  HELLO, is he serious !

   It has been almost 4 years since Jekic and Welliver have been in control of our Associations (Condo & Master) and Jekic still refuses to accept responsibility or answer any direct intelligent questions presented by owners.  New Board Member (Uri Fried) raised serious questions about the selective collection methods used by Jekic.  Why are some owners targeted for collection and foreclosure while others go Scott-Free for months racking up what appears to be tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent fees?  Mr. Fried raises a very good point and Jekic seems to have no acceptable or logical answer to the questions asked by our newest  Board Member, Uri Fried.

   Jekic claims that Schecher syphoned off $1.2 Million Dollars from our Association and that is the reason the accounting is short and the accountants put a warning foot-note on a all Association Financial Statements informing owners that what the Jekic Board is doing may be in direct violation of Florida Law and needs immediate attention.  

   Jekic explains the accountant’s warning by saying the money due to one account from another account needs to be written off and the Association needs to start over fresh. The explanation from Jekic that the accountant’s note can be corrected by writing off millions in debt is totally unacceptable and absolutely crazy.  The debt was created during the Jekic-Welliver Administration of our Association by diverting money to unbudgeted expenses and covering the start up costs and operational cost of two new business ventures (bar & hotel) created by the Jekic Board without even asking owners or taking an owners vote.  Risking everything for almost nothing is what Jekic & Welliver are doing and what they are doing is in direct violation of Florida Condominium Law.

   It is time for Jekic & Welliver to stop dancing around the issues and face the very serious questions presented by owners with responsible logical answers.  Questions like: (1) Why did you let Ocean Walk Mall divest its ownership to avoid paying maintenance and assessment fees? (2) Why did you give Ocean Walk Mall a 41% rebate on all future “Special Assessments” to get the space Schecher’s Company has occupied for more than 30 years? (3) Why did you refuse to lien Ocean Walk Mall until after they were able to separate their ownership interest? (4) Do you know that by allowing Ocean Walk Mall to divest ownership, our pool now sits on property that is not related to our Association and the Easement Agreement granting owners exclusive use of the pool is in serious jeopardy? (5) Why did you agree to pay $7.5 Million to Ocean Walk Mall and guarantee it with owners’ maintenance fees without first asking owners or taking an owners vote? (6) Why did you use association maintenance and reserve funds to finance a bar and hotel business without even asking owners? (7) Do you realize that diverting maintenance fees for a bar and hotel operation is in direct violation of Florida Condominium Law? (8) Where are the financial statements for the new bar and hotel operation?- you claim they are owned by owners but you refuse to disclose any information or financials about the two operations to owners. (9) Why did you accept $800,000 from Ocean Walk Mall when they owed over $1,000,000 and they sold the Mall for $1.4 Million? (10) What is your motivation and why are you working against the best interest of owners by making questionable closed door deals that owners must finance? 

   There are many serious questions that Jekic & Welliver refuse to address.  Rather than face the issues, Jekic continues to slander former Board President Schecher.  



HBR Jekic Board of Directors Closed Door Deal Nets Condo Association $800,000 in back maintenance and assessment from the Ocean Walk Mall.  

GOOD  or  NOT SO GOOD . . .

NOT SO GOOD when you consider that Oceanwalk Mall owed the Association well over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  Collecting something is better than nothing but at the end of the day, it is not really such a good deal for the condo owners at the HBR Resort.   Why?  Because if Jekic & Welliver would have placed a lien on Oceanwalk Mall when they were $500,000 in arrears and before they allowed the Mall Owners to divest their ownership interest the Condo Association would have had a collectible lien on not only the second floor but the first floor and the property that contains the condo’s pool.  Yes, that is right.  The Condo Association could have collected on all the money due and not just a discounted amount.

If Jekic & Welliver acted in the best interest of the Condo Association, the Association could have placed a lien on the property (valuable property) which contains our pool.  The people at the shallow end of the pool have been telling people that the mall's second floor is rumored to have sold for $1,200,000 in cash with $800,000 going to the Condo Association, $300,000 to pay off the back real estate taxes, and $100,000 to the NYC Mall Owners.  

Some owners are now asking why can't the Condo Association go after the Mall Owners for the difference because Oceanwalk Mall LLC owed at least $500,000 of the over $1,000,000 in delinquent fees due our Association?

GOOD When you consider the new owner of the second floor is reported to have plans to purchase the first floor of the Mall also and make fantastic improvements to the commercial space at the HBR Resort, it is a very good thing. Most owners believe that any improvement will benefit all condo owners at the HBR Resort and make for a better future for everyone who can still afford to own.  Even better, the new owner is paying the maintenance fees and will become a valued asset to the Association compared to the former owner from NYC who many believe was one huge dead-beat owner and a detriment to the property rather than an asset. 


HBR REALITY CHECK   October 2013 finds our Association with no cash in the bank and money due from an account that appears to be approaching almost a million short itself.  With involuntary bankruptcy becoming a real possibility, Condo & Timeshare Owners are wondering where all the money has gone.  It appears the new bar & hotel business created by Jekic & Welliver has been using condo money to pay not only its rent but its operating costs as there appears to be no real money left in the Association's bank accounts only deceptive DUE TO -  DUE FROM accounting entries.  Worse news - Jekic & Welliver's new LLC may owe the Association over $600,000+ with no means to pay back what it owes as the Hotel's minimum wage employes walk off the job demanding their pay.  What has Jekic & Welliver done to us? Who if anyone can help ?



We would like to invite you to consider joining our Hotel Rental Program and we would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to review the many benefits available to you as a member of the SG Resorts Hotel Rental Program.  Our HBR Rental Program has been operating at our property for over 30 years and we believe we have true value and value added services to offer you as a member of our exclusive condo owners rental program.

Unlike others, we do not bash our competition. We prefer you choose to join our “Rental Program” based upon key very important facts as well as our past history and performance which includes paying owners even during the slow summer months and the most difficult of times over the past 30+ years we have been operating at the HBR Resort which is a most challenging property at best.  

There are several key advantages in becoming part of the SG Resorts Hotel Program which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. We have been operating at the HBR Resort for over 30 years
  2. We have never failed to pay owners their monthly rental revenue
  3. During difficult times in 2010, the Program Owner paid all condo owners with his own personal funds when the Ramada Franchise was destroyed by the HBR Condo Commandos fighting to gain control of the condo purse strings
  4. We have joined forces to assure owner payments by pooling revenues from two other South Florida Condo Resorts operated by our company
  5. Our owners’ rental contract pays owners first, right off the top, and owners are not responsible to pay the hotel operating costs compared to the contract offered by the HBR Condo Association.
  6. Our owners’ rental contract has upfront fixed costs compared to the Condo Association’s contract where owners must pay all expenses
  7. Our Company has long term travel partners and we are listed in the top 10 hotels on Expedia in Ft. Lauderdale area - huge advantage
  8. As a member of our rental program you are eligible to join the SGOC where you are eligible for discounted group insurance for your HBR Condo Unit
  9. As a member of our rental program you will receive a $3,000 Gift Certificate good towards a SG Resorts Platinum Plus Travel & Vacation Club Membership
  10.   As a member of our rental program your unit will be managed by professionals with franchise standards compared to the Condo Association who has a history of management and employee turnover and no franchise standards
  11.   As a member of our rental program, you are guaranteed no tenant eviction issues because we are a legally licensed hotel operation compared to renting on your own where a court eviction is required with troubled tenants
  12.   As a member of our rental program all IRS Issues are covered as we collect and pay all the required State resort and sales taxes.  You will receive a 1099 at the end of each year to document your rental revenue at the HBR Resort


WELCOME to the website created for the majority of condo owners who live outside the State of Florida and in Foreign Countries. On this website, HBR Condo Owners can view short video presentations regarding the current and ongoing state of affairs unfolding at the Hollywood Beach Hotel Owners Association under what many call the "Dictatorship" of the Board President, Michel Jekic.  

It would appear that shortly after taking control of the HBR Condo Association in September 2010, President Jekic and his Board of Directors has made "Special Assessments" into regular annual events.  In spite of the fact that the Condo Association appears to be over $40,000 short of paying its monthly bills President Jekic and his Board of Directors has refused to adjust monthly maintenance fees to a proper lever to cover the operational expenses of the Associations.  

How responsible is this?  Most intelligent people consider this an act of gross negligence and can see thru the political reasons of attempting to win votes by not raising maintenance fees.  Not very logical when million-dollar special assessments are routinely passed by President Jekic & Vp Welliver as a means to pay what can't be delayed or avoided any longer.

After two consecutive years of million dollar assessments and mounting financial losses the Board President (Michel Jekic) and Vice President (Laura Welliver) refuse to address or respond to Condo Owners specific requests for Association financial records and other very important issues, like where did the millions in assessments collected already go? 

Today in June 2013, it appears that the 2008 Condo Bank Loan ASSESSMENT for building renovations remains unpaid and delinquent even after the Special Assessment was collected to pay off the bank loan several years ago.  Now, with a bank loan delinquent, payments over $70,000 per month, no money to properly address building issues, we see the Jekic Board scramble for  cash flow as they continue to avoid answering responsible owners questions.  Questions like where did all our maintenance fees go?

The fear of many owners is that Jekic & Welliver diverted and emptied the Association bank accounts to further their own personal agenda of driving the former Board President's Company out of business and off the property.

      UPDATE JUNE 2013



As their debt to the Association approaches ONE MILLION DOLLARS, Michel Jekic & Laura Welliver made a closed door deal with the Mall Owners that allowed them to divide ownership to avoid having to pay maintenance & assessment fees.  President Jekic and VP Welliver allowed Oceanwalk Mall to become "suit proof" and walk away leaving all owners to cover the financial shortage.  TODAY the Mall only swaps check and does not even pay maintenance or assessments.


Oceanwalk  Mall is responsible for 20% of the Associations Budget and also enjoys 20% of the voting power for the Association.  Historically 20% of the vote controls the outcome of the election and for the fist 15 years of our Association's history the Mall dominated the HBR Board of Directors with six out of the seven seats on the HBR Timeshare and Condo Boards.  Sometime in the mid 1990s an owner (Richard J. Schecher) took an interest in the Association and was responsible for eliminating the Mall Dominance when he united the majority of all owners for a unified vote.  This movement by Schecher changed the structure of the HBR Board forever and the Mall no longer controlled six out of the seven seats.  In fact, until recent years, the Mall held two of the seven seats on both the Timeshare & Condo Boards at the Hollywood Beach Resort.

The Jekic-Welliver Folly will hit harder at home for the majority of HBR Owners when the next special assessment is levied to cover the already mounting losses reported to be over $300,000 which has accumulated in less than three short months of operation (Sept-Nov 2012). The Association's Financial Statement shows in excess of $250,000 in maintenance & assessment fees being diverted from the Association to pay the expenses of the new LLC (Company) created by Jekic & Welliver.  Jekic testified under oath that his Legal Department and CPA Accountants approve the diversion of funds to pay the new company's expenses directly from the Association rather than keeping expenses separate and making a loan from the Association to the Jekic-Welliver new bar & hotel company (HHBR,LLC).

Not very many people voted in the most recent annual election other than the  the Mall and the group of owners who support the recommendations of Judy Tower and Uri Fried. In reviewing the candidates it appears that none of the sitting Board Members chose to address the issues when invited to attend the Owners Pow Wow held the week before the election in the Club Atlantic Restaurant. At the end of the day, it really did not matter what the issues were because the Mall vote carried the election and the same Board that voted to award the Mall a $7.5 Million Dollar Lease and guarantee it with the Association maintenance and assessment fees were re-elected by a landslide.  After all the Mall just received $7.5 Million in rent, plus a 41% Assessment Rebate - why would they vote for anyone other than those who just made their day and they could not risk a new Board reversing the diversion of maintenance fees to cover the Mall rent.

Many of the newer Condo Owners are now calling and banning together to take action agains those responsible for the "closed door dealings" that have siphoned off millions from the Association in one form or another.  Line Up the responsible parties and they look like: Michel Jekic (Board President) Laura Welliver (Board VP) HBR Board of Directors, Ben Heller (Billionaire Mall Owner), David Schonberger (Mall Financial Director and Richard King's boss), the attorney giving the Board bad legal advise and guidance, as well as anyone else responsible.